Mike Bennett Reveals He And Eric Young Were Slated To Align With ‘The Fiend’

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Mike Bennett Reveals He And Eric Young Were Slated To Align With ‘The Fiend’

Mike Kanellis / Mike Bennett

Photo Credit: WWE

Former WWE Superstar Mike Bennett recently sat down with Metro UK to discuss the scrapped plans that saw him and Eric Young scheduled to align themselves with Bray Wyatt when he transitioned into ‘The Fiend’.

Mike said “Early on when Bray Wyatt turned into The Fiend, Vince was always high on having Bray lead a group for some reason, he always wanted him to lead a group. We were about a week away from making it happen where me and Eric Young were gonna be part of Bray Wyatt’s group. We were gonna actually be, or they were gonna bring to life the puppets. Each puppet was gonna represent an actual person. I don’t remember, there were talks that I was gonna be Sister Abigail and Eric Young was gonna be a buzzard.”

Bennett briefly gave more details on the plan, saying “It was one of those things where, ‘You guys will play these characters.’ He’s portraying them as the puppets, but then they’ll come to life. I thought it was really cool, I was ready to sink my teeth into it. But then like most stuff there, right before it happens they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, we’re not doing that anymore.’ You’re like, ‘Oh, oh OK cool. That would have been a really cool spot but I guess I’ll go sit in catering.’”

Continuing on, Mike discussed what he is doing in wrestling now outside of WWE. Mike said “I’m very much in the zone where I really like to focus on wrestling as a sport. I think it’s because it’s such a contrast with how I used to be. I always viewed wrestling as sports entertainment. Now I’m very much big into the NOAH, big into All Japan, and that’s why I love the Pure division in Ring of Honor because it truly focused on the sport of wrestling, which I think is an incredibly fun aspect to focus on!”

You can read the entire interview here.

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