Mike Bennett Is Happiest In Ring Of Honor, Reflects On Matt Taven’s Title Win

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Mike Bennett Is Happiest In Ring Of Honor, Reflects On Matt Taven’s Title Win


Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

Mike Bennett is glad to be in Ring of Honor and to be back with his best friend, Matt Taven. Bennett recently spoke to Love Wrestling‘s Spencer Young about coming back to ROH after a stint in WWE and IMPACT Wrestling. Bennett says he’s happiest within ROH and that his friendship with Taven isn’t just on-screen.

Bennett said signing with Ring of Honor was an easy decision, especially with how they have handled the pandemic.

“It was always Ring of Honor. Me and Taven are best friends. In real life, in the ring, on TV. We talk all the time. We’ve been planning me coming back for the longest time. Any time I was unhappy at WWE, I would always talk to him and I’d be like, ‘how do we make this work? What do I got to do?’ Then, it finally happened where they released me and Taven was like, ‘alright, now we can do it. Let’s do it.’

“To me, Ring of Honor’s always felt like my home. They were the first ones that gave me an opportunity when nobody knew who I was. I was there for five, almost six years before. It’s my family. Everyone there was at my wedding. It was like I left and I went for I thought what were greener pastures, and then it’s like when you leave home and then you’re like, ‘you know what, homes really not that bad at all. It’s great! There’s no greener pastures. The greenest pastures will always be where you’re happiest, and where I was happiest was always Ring of Honor. So to me, it was never any question.”

Bennett also reflected on Taven’s ROH World Championship win and said there was zero jealousy.

“Oh, it was the best. In this industry, it’s very rare to — you have so many acquaintances in this industry, and you have very few friends. I happen to not only have a friend, but I’ve made my best friend in this industry. And not only that, but you also don’t — other people’s successes tend not to — like for me, when Matt won, I was just as excited as if I had won, maybe more. That’s how close we are. He’s family. When your brother goes and gets a promotion or does something really good, you’re just happy. You’re not jealous, you’re not envious, you’re just genuinely happy for your brother, your sister, your mom, or your dad or whatever, and that’s how I am with Taven. He won and my excitement was just — I was genuinely just happy for him. I was like ‘that was well deserved.'”

Check out the full interview below:

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