Mike Bailey Enters His Contract Year with Significant Momentum

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‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey is excited for what’s to come next year, when his contract with Impact Wrestling is up for renewal, after having a very impressive 2023.

On a recent episode of the “Instinct Culture” podcast, Bailey spoke about the talent he’s faced in 2023 and what’s next for his career. He said,


“I got to wrestle this year once again, some of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time, and I don’t say that lightly. I think that pro wrestling right now is the best it’s ever been. I got to be in the BOLA Finals and beat Konosuke Takeshita, who also, much like me, was the greatest wrestler in the world. I said it about him in 2016, I think, and now people are finally starting to believe it. I got to have another match with Will Ospreay. I got to wrestle Alec Price. I got to wrestle Bryan Keith, and he is also someone who hopefully it doesn’t take much longer, and very soon people will be saying he is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. But that match with Will Ospreay really stands out.

I’ve been in IMPACT for two years now, heading into my third year. We’re TNA, we’re back. Things are changing. This is momentum, I think is the word I can use, that describes it the best. I’m going into my contract year with all the momentum in the world, and I am ready to do big things with IMPACT in 2024.”

Bailey’s match with Ospreay from Bound for Glory 2023 is the highest-rated TNA/Impact match since Samoa Joe Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels at TNA Unbreakable 2005.

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‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey, a professional wrestler currently signed with Impact Wrestling, is looking forward to the upcoming year as his contract with the promotion is up for renewal. Bailey had an impressive 2023 and is excited about what lies ahead in his career.

During a recent interview on the “Instinct Culture” podcast, Bailey discussed the talented wrestlers he faced in 2023 and shared his plans for the future. He expressed his admiration for the current state of pro wrestling, stating that he believes it is the best it has ever been. Bailey highlighted some of his notable matches, including the BOLA Finals where he defeated Konosuke Takeshita, who he considers one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. He also mentioned his match with Will Ospreay, which stood out to him.

Bailey has been with Impact Wrestling for two years and is entering his third year with the promotion. He expressed his excitement about the changes happening in Impact, referring to the rebranding from TNA and the momentum he feels going into his contract year. Bailey is determined to achieve big things with Impact in 2024.

One of Bailey’s matches that garnered significant attention was his bout against Will Ospreay at Bound for Glory 2023. This match received the highest rating for a TNA/Impact match since Samoa Joe faced AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels at TNA Unbreakable in 2005. The match showcased Bailey’s skills and further solidified his reputation as a top-tier wrestler.

For fans who want to hear more from Bailey, he participated in an interview where he shared his thoughts on five-star match ratings, wrestling against Will Ospreay, and more. The interview can be watched on YouTube.

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In conclusion, ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey is eagerly anticipating the future as his contract with Impact Wrestling is up for renewal. With his impressive performances in 2023 and the momentum he feels, Bailey is determined to achieve great things in 2024. His match against Will Ospreay at Bound for Glory 2023 garnered significant attention and showcased his skills. Fans can stay informed about wrestling news through eWrestlingNews.com and their social media platforms.