Mideon Remembers Road Warrior Urging The Godwinns To Reduce Their Ring Pace

Mideon Remembers Road Warrior Urging The Godwinns To Reduce Their Ring Pace
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In a recent episode of The Undertaker’s podcast, “Six Feet Under”, ex-WCW performer Mideon (aka Dennis Knight) reminisced about his time as part of The Godwinns with Henry O. Godwinn (real name Mark Canterbury) in the WWE.

Here are some highlights from the podcast episode:

Regarding Ultimate Warrior’s decision to legally change his real name to Warrior, Mideon recounted: “I found myself checking into a hotel in San Francisco and Warrior was next to me. He produced his credit card, and it read, ‘Mr. Warrior.’ I was taken aback and exclaimed, ‘Are you serious!?’ Despite this, we all knew him well as Jim.”

Talking about his partner, Henry O. Godwinn, Mideon reflected: “As the Godwinns, we were known for our rugged country weapon matches. And to be honest, we really gave it our all. In my view, Henry remains the most underappreciated performers of all time. I was known for my ability to take hits, while he was hailed as an extraordinary worker.”

Discussing the Road Warriors’ apprehension about their in-ring intensity, Mideon revealed: “We were probably the only wrestlers whom the Road Warriors directed the management to ask us to wind down our intensity a bit. Apparently, we were hitting them too hard. When I learned about this, I confronted Joe, asking ‘What’s going on?’ He replied, ‘What’s your track record?’ I didn’t understand immediately, and retorted, ‘This isn’t a real fight, buddy.’”

The podcast episode further unpacks these topics and additional fascinating memories – you can watch it below: [embedded content]