Mideon Claims His House Is Haunted, Mark Canterbury On Breaking His Neck

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Appearing as a guest along with Dennis Knight on “The Two Man Power Trip” podcast, Mark Canterbury of the Godwinns recalled how he broke his neck during a match against The Road Warriors in WWE.

Due to a combination of Hawk not hitting Canterbury properly and Animal being unable to lift him correctly due to his size, the Godwin member landed wrong on his neck and broke it.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On breaking his neck against the team: “It happened. And I didn’t stooge nobody out that night.. I knew the state Hawk was in [due to alcohol abuse], so I felt uncomfortable, so I didn’t say nothing. But it happened. Can’t do nothing about it now. [I wrestled] 7 weeks with a broken neck.”

On how the break happened: “Hawk just didn’t hit me right [on the Doomsday Device], with enough force… We’re too big [for that bump.]”

WWE alumnus Mideon believes in the supernatural and claims that his house is haunted. The former Ministry of Darkness member appeared on “The Two Man Power Trip” podcast to discuss his experience with paranormal activities, as well as how he and Mark Canterbury were able to spend time with both The Kliq and the BSK during their time in WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his house being haunted: “My house is haunted. Everything I have is haunted.”

On his interest in the supernatural: “When I went to Vegas a couple weeks ago for Taker’s thing I went to the Zack Bagans Museum — the ghost adventures guy. I did the VIP thing, there’s only like three of us, they recognized me and I got free reign of the place. I got touched in one room but nothing else happened.”

On spending time with both The Kliq & the BSK: “Everybody kinda had their own cliques and we definitely had ours. But one night we’re out with Yoko and ‘Taker, then the next night we’re with Shawn and Kevin and Hunter. We rode with Hunter and Chyna a lot … We [also] traveled with Shawn. Shawn liked to have us around when Kevin wasn’t there. You can imagine why. Shawn would need somebody to take him [back to his room]. We’ve undressed him and put him to bed so many times.”

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