Mickie James ‘Overwhelmed’ By The Response To NWA Empowerrr So Far, Says Tootie Lynn Has A Certain Spark About Her

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Mickie James ‘Overwhelmed’ By The Response To NWA Empowerrr So Far, Says Tootie Lynn Has A Certain Spark About Her

Mickie James is making sure she does everything she can to make NWA Empowerrr a success, from the work she puts in behind the scenes to the talent that will step in the ring in St. Louis.

Mickie James recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about the work going into NWA Empowerrr, her all-women’s event set to take place on August 28 in St. Louis. Since announcing the event, James has already confirmed her in-ring return at NWA 73 that weekend, announced the return of the NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship and the introduction of the NWA Women’s Invitational Tournament, along with several other moves. James says she’s staying busy in the build to Empowerrr and teased that’s there’s plenty more announcements to follow, but hopes this can be a success that returns as an annual event in the future.

“So much is happening. Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the response from St. Louis. Just the general atmosphere and the excitement and the buzz in the city and how excited they were to be able to host the event at the Chase Plaza and the whole thing, just the energy is amazing and I think it feeds into the weekend and what we’re trying to really do. Obviously, I’m working on and trying to line up the show and the card itself and reaching out to talent and doing all that and it’s been a whirlwind, honestly because that’s kept me really, really busy and amongst all the other things I’ve been doing. I definitely have some announcements coming, I don’t want to give it away, I don’t want to tell you everyone,” James noted, “but I definitely have some announcements coming. We’re hoping that if this event is successful, this is something that we can present on a yearly basis and do in line with the Anniversary Show every single year.”

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James told WrestleZone that her team of producers includes Gail Kim, Madusa, LuFisto, Jazz and Brent Tarring (aka Timmy Baltimore), and spoke more about how they’re handling the roster and each respective talent announcement. The first name announced for the Women’s Invitational was Tootie Lynn, a St. Louis native that was also trained by Davey Richards. Prior to the announcement, a number of fans (and ‘Awesome’ reporters) had petitioned for Lynn to be included in the NWA shows. James explained how she’s taking a different approach to building the show and what Tootie means to the local fans.

“The first person I announced for that cup was Tootie Lynn, from St. Louis, she’s a local hometown girl. I wanted to do that because she’s from St. Louis and not as many people know who she is yet. But I think that through this and come Enpowerrr, everyone will know who she is and I’m really excited about that. Obviously, you always get people to say, ‘Hey take a look at this person’ because we opened up that email which, I have been personally going in and looking at these resumes, watching these matches, watching the promos,” James said. “That project email that Brent and I opened up is specifically so I can find—I promised that I wanted to give some spots to people that the crowd necessarily doesn’t know yet, but I believe that they will know.

“And I had a lot of feedback about [Lynn]. And it was like, ‘You gotta look at this Tootie Lynn’ like, ‘if you’re gonna come to St. Louis, please [pick her]’ and that’s what made me pay attention to her in the first place. And then as I obviously researched and did all that, and then when I had a conversation with her, I just fell in love with her. I think she’s got a certain spark about her and she’s got something special about her,” she said of Tootie Lynn, noting that it’d be a huge opportunity and great story for the hometown favorite to win.

“She could potentially win this Cup and then go on to face the Women’s Champion at [NWA 73] and then turn around and be the Women’s Champion. It’s a huge opportunity for anyone, I think, and to be able to give her that opportunity and I think to announce her as the first person to give that opportunity to was really cool. Because I think most people expected that it would be a big name and I think that’s what people expect,” James added, “and I don’t always like to do what people expect.”

Since then, James has also announced Jamie Senegal (accompanied by Pollo Del Mar) as the second entrant in the NWA Women’s Invitational, and more competitors will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Check out our full interview with Mickie James at the top of this post, as James discusses more details about NWA Empowerrr, assembling the talent and how it can be an annual event, how it will complement the NWA brand, and much more.

NWA Empowerrr is part of the National Wrestling Alliance’s four-day stay at the Khorassan Ballroom at Chase Park Plaza from August 28-31. Tickets for all four nights are on sale now.