Mickie James On NWA All-Women’s Show: ‘I Want To Make This Magic’ And Give Back To The Business

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Mickie James On NWA All-Women’s Show: ‘I Want To Make This Magic’ And Give Back To The Business

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Photo Credit: WWE

The news that former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James will produce all-women’s show for the National Wrestling Alliance has already excited many fans.

During an appearance on GAW TV, James described her mindset surrounding this new chapter of her career. She explained that, following her release from WWE, she wanted to do something different and meaningful.

“Like last time I left, I kind of did my own thing, I went away,” said James. “I had an opportunity to reinvent myself, multi-time women’s champion. I also got to wrestle so many women that were out there on the indy scene at that time, and I was like, does it mean as much now to come back and do the same thing? It just didn’t feel and sit right with me.

“It was really a space of whatever I do next has to be special.”

James then stated that she wanted to do something beneficial for women’s wrestling and, by extension, the industry overall. She noted that, for far too long, women’s wrestling has been booked by men, so she wanted to do something to break that long-standing pattern.

“It has to be a space where I can truly give back to the business….I think that if I was to be able to help create a space for women by women, and really just present, for 80 years, we’ve watched wrestling, television wrestling from a male perspective.,” said James. “We’ve watched women go out there in storylines that men think that, women are…that creates drama. And so many times it’s just not realistic.”

The former WWE star made it clear that she fully intends to capitalize on the fact that wrestling has changed, and she wants to be a part of this evolution that continues to legitimize and emphasize women’s wrestling.

“I think that we have a genuine opportunity, the business is changing,” said James. “The way people watch wrestling is changing and it’s damn [time] we present women in a professional manner, in the way that women belong to be perceived on wrestling. We’re no longer a novelty act.

“When I was told that women’s wrestling doesn’t make money, it really set me back like what? It really resonated with me because I think after that one conversation, it was a real defining moment for me because I go like what am I doing? Then what is all this for? To me, women’s wrestling does matter. I’ve given my life to this business.”

Finally, James shared her excitement about having the freedom to create something important with this show. She also stated that it could help women’s wrestling “across all brands.”

“And the beautiful thing is, no more golden handcuffs for Mickie James,” said James. “I don’t need or want a contract. I have an opportunity to build something fresh, something new, something exciting.

“I really want to make this magic and I think that there’s a way to do some really good business across all the brands. And I just want to unite and do something f—— magical.”

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