Mick Foley Shares His Untold Yearning To Battle Hulk Hogan In WCW

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In a recent captivating episode of “Foley Is Pod,” the legendary Mick Foley bared his soul, delving into the poignant memories of his waning days in WCW. With unreserved candor, Foley touched upon the fateful decision to forgo ear reconstruction and his initial reaction to the seismic arrival of none other than Hulk Hogan himself.

Revealing his belief in the possibility of ear reconstruction, Foley confessed,


“Right, when I realized the company was not interested in promoting what seemed to be a gift from the wrestling gods, I was going to take some time off. It would be about six months for the complete ear construction, and the match with me and Max (Payne), and the Nasties was supposed to be my last match in WCW before getting that reconstructive surgery. Kevin Sullivan called me the next day. I guess Evad, Dave Sullivan, had been injured and Kevin asked me if I would team up with him the next month to take on the Nasties in Philadelphia and at that point, I put everything else on hold and went back.”

In a serendipitous twist of fate, Foley now feels a sense of gratitude for leaving his ear unaltered. He said,

“I’m kind of glad I didn’t get the reconstruction done. It’s become part of me same way the missing teeth are. I’ll probably have the teeth repaired in the next couple of tears, especially the bottom ones. The top ones I’m not that concerned about. But I did come back, and we had an epic match. I never did get the construction. I never got the six months off. Instead, I gave my notice and was treated really well on my way out of WCW ended up with a couple of really good matches on my way out.”

Recalling the monumental moment when Hulk Hogan joined WCW in 1994, Foley’s voice insinuated a blend of admiration and bittersweet longing. He added,

“I think I could have had (a good match with Hulk). Whenever I’m asked at the live shows who’s the one guy, I wish I could have worked with, I used to have a list of three (Bruiser) Brody, Flair, and Hogan. Brody, you know, clearly, that’s not going to happen. Ric and I had a few really good matches, some great promos back and forth, and I just wish I’d stuck around TNA about three months longer.”

Hogan’s arrival, however, brought forth an undeniable admiration from Foley. He recalled,

“There’s two types of people in this world, Conrad. The type that admit it’s a big deal to be in the ring with Hogan, the type who pretend it isn’t and it was a big deal. I got to cut, I think, two promos, and it’s pretty awe-inspiring to be standing face to face with him, and I think if I’d stayed, we could have had a good, I mean, it would have been… methodical. It would have been methodical. It wouldn’t have been great. I think we could have told a good story.”

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