Mick Foley On His Plans For Portraying Santa Claus During COVID-19

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Mick Foley On His Plans For Portraying Santa Claus During COVID-19

Mick Foley

Photo: Dominic DeAngelo

Mick Foley is planning on going full-steam ahead as Santa Claus during the global pandemic. It’s typically around the holiday season when The Hardcore Legend will saddle up his sleigh to visit libraries and community centers as the iconic Santa Claus, but COVID-19 has put some understandable restrictions on public gatherings.

Thankfully, Mick has been getting some much needed repetitions on Cameo and Zoom calls to hone his virtual meeting skills in hopes to bring Christmas cheer when the season strolls around. He recently did such with Will and Paul of The Willhouz podcast to talk several topics including the aforementioned St. Mick plans:

“You can’t do the traditional visits the visits I do are largely for children in shelters and transitional housing. And you just can’t do visits like that this year. So I’m trying to work on my Zoom game so that I can do a Zoom at a foster home or a shelter, something like that.”

And if you’ve seen Mick, facemask on or off, he’s not letting up on growing out that beard to help his Santa cause.

“I’m telling you guys, I had to suffer for it, okay? Like I said later on…there’s no one way to get to the finish line. I said to Hunter one time I think we were watching Steve [Austin] or we were watching Rock and I just said, ‘Hey Hunter, you’ve wrestled both Rock and Steve, right?’ And he says, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Well what’s, what’s the main difference?’ He goes, ‘Uh, Steve’s punches hurt like hell and Rock’s don’t hurt at all.’ I was like, ‘Absolutely.’ That’s the big difference between the two of them. But they were both amazing wrestlers and there’s no one right way to do it. You can’t get on … Somebody once said, ‘Well why, if Steve’s punches real stiff why don’t you complain about it?’ I go, ‘Because he’s Steve Austin. Are you really going to go into the dressing room after you’ve just gotten the best reaction you’ve ever gotten in your life and go, ‘Hey man, take it easy on me out there?’ Like as long as he’s not hitting me in the teeth or the nose and he’s Steve Austin and he can do whatever he wants. So I was the same way when it came to the beard. Some guys can just put on a theatrical beard and they look great, I like a little bit of suffering to go with the art so I had to bleach the beard because it hurts, and it burns, and it smells, and then I felt like I had earned the right to be that guy.”

(Transcription credit should go to Paul Sanchez)

You can check out the Will & Paul’s full chat below which starts at the 27:37 mark: