Mick Foley Ends His Isolation After Testing Positive For COVID-19, Says He’s No Longer Contagious

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Mick Foley Ends His Isolation After Testing Positive For COVID-19, Says He’s No Longer Contagious

Mick Foley

Photo: Dominic DeAngelo

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 after a virtual signing on December 12. On Sunday, Foley posted an update on his Facebook page. He revealed that he’s no longer contagious, so he is ending his precautionary isolation.

“I tested positive for the coronavirus following a December 12 virtual signing,” wrote Foley. “As soon as I learned that I had been exposed and even before the test result, I began isolating in a hotel room – and have been here for 19 days. I am no longer contagious and will be checking out tomorrow. Fortunately, my symptoms were not too serious – body aches and headache for a few days, followed by loss of my sense of smell and just within the last few days, my hearing has been affected.

“Worse than the physical symptoms was missing the holidays with my family – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s. I tried to do my best to be safe these past ten months, but looking back on it, there were a number of occasions where I did let my guard down. Since mid-March, I have only done four virtual signings, two personal appearances, two guest appearances on reality shows and my appearance on WWE Raw at The Undertaker’s farewell. In 2019, I flew 150,000 miles on Delta Airlines – in addition to tens of thousands more on other airlines. In 2020, I flew less than 10,000. Still, there were several occasions where I could have been more careful. Moving forward, I will do my best to do better. I hope all of us can do a little better for as long as it takes to put this terrible pandemic behind us.”

Foley also thanked the fans for their support and stated that he donated $5,000 to the Daniela Conte Foundation.

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