Michin Wants WWE To Organize A Premium Live Event In South Korea

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WWE has been traveling overseas for a number of pay-per-view events as of late, and Michin wishes for the company to organize a premium live event in South Korea.

On this week’s episode of WWE’s ‘The Bump,’ Michin expressed her desire to see a WWE event head over to South Korea where her family resides to this day.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On wanting a South Korea PPV: “Listen, like I said before, there’s so much wrestling in Japan and Mexico, Puerto Rico was a big thing. I’ve never heard of a big promotion going to Korea, and I know that wrestling is starting to really grow over there. Wrestling is growing in China, in Korea, and I’ve gotten DMs from several Korean wrestlers over in Korea, just thanking me for putting Korea on the map, in a sense. If we had a show in Korea, I would fly my mom out. I have family over there, so I would fly my mom out and bring all my family. Even if it was just a small show, it would mean so much to me because you don’t hear much about wrestling in Korea. Any amount of recognition is enough for me, and it would mean something so special to me because when I first started wrestling, that was something I’ve always wanted to do and something on my bucket list that I have yet to check off.”

On never being able to wrestle in the country: “Even when I was doing the independents, I never had a chance to wrestle in Korea, so it would just be cool to have my family that’s out in Korea, my mom fly out, and to be able to watch with her family, with my aunts and uncles, and to really, like how Zelina felt. It was really cool to see just how she was so welcomed by her people, and her family was there. There’s just that special moment, that special connection you have with your people, with your environment, with your land. That is definitely on the top of my bucket list.”

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