Michael P.S. Hayes shoots on Bret Hart (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview.

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Michael P.S. Hayes shoots on Bret Hart (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview.
In this Wrestling Shoots video Michael Hayes rebuffs everything Bret Hart has ever said in a shoot interview.

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Here is but one more provocative wrestler. i said steady to shut you perceive the window on the breadth factor i mean terry and buddy aren't here i don't secure i mean i mean i do know he wouldn't have said that to their face if they were here so you perceive must you're no longer going to declare something to somebody's face let's let's .

Staunch retain it to yourself it's been steady as easy to declare i'm just a diminutive dissatisfied within the wwe hall of fame i secure these which would perchance maybe be in there must have had a profession within the wwe and here's who i secure needs to be in bam and even when he desired to declare i secure they have to be in more than the free birds man i'm swish with that you simply initiating .

Going via the drunks and the you perceive the capsule heads and pretty a great deal of that info is homely i instructed these styles of stories on the jbl uh legends program you perceive support in march andre the enormous never fired us k he potentially desired to he potentially had each motive to attributable to he had loads to complete with us going .

To ny and you perceive we screwed that up but on the different hand andre didn't fire us we walked out vince known as me i went support buddy photos we had that on easy the supreme blueprint to japan which used to be already booked i known as dave wolfe and he said vince isn’t any longer going to rent you support he can't belief you and .

That used to be that but it used to be vince that fired us it wasn't andre and plus the town brett's speaking about and we are in a position to catch them all screwed up attributable to we're all in so many wasn't windfall it used to be youngstown ohio admire the vendetta with with seth rollins there you might additionally't to find any individual within the .

Locker room that would perchance maybe no longer wish to work with seth rollins precisely no person and and and requested john cena what came about with the nose factor john will describe you it used to be my fault um sting had this perennial procure subject that he needless to claim .

Years of wrestling uh and and then the factor with uh finn balor um ben you perceive you're speculated to retract that factor to your shoulders to your support ben do his arm support there to brace it and there it went and lo there the operation took so for loads longer attributable to of all the do on and fade and the tactic .

Tousled his shoulder used to be to open with for 15 years of wrestling yeah but but that's all seth rollins i ordered brett golf and seth too oh my god yeah i didn't know that yeah you're bringing i had no belief no that the majority undoubtedly wasn't says fault god he's a god he's a .

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Michael P.S. Hayes shoots on Bret Hart (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview.

Michael P.S. Hayes shoots on Bret Hart (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview.