Michael Elgin: Infamous ‘Pee’ Story From The Kevin Steen Show Is Exaggerated And False

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Michael Elgin: Infamous ‘Pee’ Story From The Kevin Steen Show Is Exaggerated And False

Michael Elgin

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

An infamous story about Michael Elgin peeing on a woman in 2007 was told on the “The Kevin Steen Show,” and resurfaced after allegations were made against the former IMPACT Wrestling star. Now, Elgin is disputing the story in a YouTube video he posted.

As for the original story, Elgin said that there was a $100 bet made between wrestlers that nobody could urinate on a woman “in the heat of passion.” He says he was dancing after the show with a married woman whose husband got thrown out of the bar they were at. Eventually, the woman and two of her friends went back to the hotel. Eventually, Elgin said he had a threesome with the married woman and her cousin. The threesome was interrupted by another wrestler, who then had sex with the cousin. More people in the wrestling industry enter the room and were said to be laughing.

Elgin said he finished having sex and heard that the cousin was in the bathroom. Elgin went to the bathroom and asked if the woman was OK since she was sitting near it. She then allegedly said she came here to be with Elgin, and then started performing fellatio. During the act, Elgin asked the woman if he could piss on her.

“I proceed to ask this girl if I could piss on her,” Elgin said. “At first she’s saying no, but I’m being very persuasive. Saying, ‘It’ll be so good. You just keep going and I’ll piss all over you.’ Blah blah blah. Eventually she gives me the OK to piss on her. So, as she’s saying yes, I begin to piss on her. Her deflection of the piss [was to wave her hands], but that ain’t stopping no stream of piss from hitting you in the face. … All I hear is, ‘No. No. Stop pissing on me.’ They’re laughing, I’m laughing and we have to go back to get my money now.”

You can check out the original story below:

Elgin now says the story told on “The Kevin Steen Show”was a fabrication and an exaggeration.

“The story that I told on ‘The Kevin Steen Show’ was lewd, was inappropriate, was immature, and also false,” Elgin claimed in a new YouTube video. “Now there is sections of this story that I over-exaggerated from the actual happenings and I’ve expressed the actual happenings multiple times, but for the first time I’m going to express them in a video and with some proof.

“[While traveling to a show in Timmins, Ontario, Canada] myself and multiple other wrestlers, this was 2007. We’re just talking and it was said, ‘I don’t believe that there’s actually females that enjoy or aroused by being urinated on. In fact, if you ever found a woman that enjoyed that and was aroused by being urinated on, I’d give you $100 because I wouldn’t believe it.’ Again, not a bet. Just something that was said off the cuff.

“We went and performed and after the show we went out to a bar that sponsored the show. Myself and two other wrestlers met three females. They were accompanied by a couple. Now the gentleman of the couple bought us a bunch of rounds and had us sign a bunch of merchandise. Had us sign his wife’s shirts and yes, had us sign his wife’s breasts. Now about an hour or so before the bar closed, he was kicked out of the bar for being in a fight with somebody else at the bar.

“When the bar closed, myself, the two other wrestlers and the three females wanted to go back to the hotel. The gentleman’s wife who was still there at the bar asked her friends to leave with her. They said ‘No,’ and sent her home in a taxi. Me and the three girls went back to the hotel. The two other wrestlers left the bar with somebody to go get a case of beer from his house because we did not purchase any alcohol prior to the show and prior to going to the bar and we wanted to have a few more drinks at the hotel.

“When they got back to the hotel, a few other wrestlers did come into the room. We all did have a couple drinks. When the other wrestlers left, it left myself, the two wrestlers and the three females in the room. Things occurred. After that, a wrestler and one of the females hopped in the shower. It was not me. Then coming out of the shower, he yells, ‘Hey, I just peed on her and she liked it. Where’s my $100?’ and she yelled, ‘You only peed on my leg and it was in the shower. Not a big deal.’ The next day we did joke to the person that he was owed a $100 because he found a girl that liked being urinated on.”

Elgin goes on to say that he has two signed affidavits by people that were a part of the story that say that is how the peeing situation happened in 2007.

Check out his video below:

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