Michael Elgin Arrested For Violation Of Protective Order

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Michael Elgin Arrested For Violation Of Protective Order

michael elgin

Photo Credit: Belleville Police Department

Michael Elgin was arrested due to violating a protective order, and his ex-fiance claims she left him out of fear for her safety.

According to a new report from WrestlingNews.co, Elgin (Aaron Frobel) was arrested on June 29 due to repeated violations of a protective order opened by his ex-girlfriend. According to records, the order of protection was filed back on May 21 by his ex-fiance, but he went on to break the order more than 60 times before he was arrested.

The protective order further stipulated that the ex-fiance (identified by her first name only for privacy) that she had planned on leaving him several times but backed out due to fear, but she’s received “hundreds” of phone calls, text messages, videos and suicide threats since she left. She went on to explain that she’s asked him numerous times not to contact her, but he continued to ignore her wishes.

The protective order also stipulated the following allegations, claiming Elgin was abusive in several ways:

“Since I’ve been in a relationship with the respondent I have suffered sexual, mental, emotional, and verbal abuse from him. Abuse included:

– punishment for saying no to sex
– berating me verbally in public
– berating me verbally in private
– isolating me from my friends and family
– monitoring my phone and computer to see if I am complying – extreme control
– sexual caretaking
– pressure to engage in sex acts I expressed not wanting to do
– exposing my sexual health by seeing male and female sex workers during our relationship
– insulting and shaming me
– intimidation

I recently found out he has been texting me our entire relationship from different fake numbers pretending to be people from my past and saying nasty things about me. I believe this was used along with many other tactics of control and manipulation to break me down and keep me under his control.”

The woman spoke with WrestlingNews.Co and said she wanted her story public so that it prevents it from happening to someone else. The site stated that they have reached out for a response from Frobel but we have not heard back; a full copy of the incident report can be found at this link.