Michael Cole: My Job Is To Direct Traffic, Tell Coherent Stories That Help Get The Superstars Over

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Michael Cole: My Job Is To Direct Traffic, Tell Coherent Stories That Help Get The Superstars Over

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Pat McAfee thinks Happy Corbin stinks, but Michael Cole says it’s his job to direct traffic and build talent up from comments like that.

Michael Cole appeared on Thursday’s episode of the Pat McAfee Show, and co-host AJ Hawk was putting over how difficult commentary looked. Hawk praised Cole and McAfee and respected what they did on SmackDown each week, then McAfee said that Cole did most of the work. McAfee said he’s very lucky in the sense that he’s been a fan for so long, but WWE tries to keep him in the dark as much as possible Cole said that was by design, and McAfee credited Cole for “driving the ship” and allowing him to do the job he does as well.

“My job is to tell coherent stories that help get the Superstars over, and that’s the bottom line. The Superstars are the ones that are up there taking bumps every week, in fact, our RAW roster is in the United Kingdom right now, a week-long tour, the SmackDown roster goes to Europe next week for a week-long tour. These guys are working five, six days a week, they’re giving their bodies for entertainment and busting their ass, and it’s our job as commentators to make sure that we tell their story and we help get them over,” Cole explained, “we talk about the characteristics that make them great, and what I’m able to do is drive the discussion to where it needs to go. And then Pat, you just react to all of that as a fan…”

After McAfee cut in and remarked that “Happy Corbin stinks”, Cole said it’s similar remarks that make what they do on commentary fun.

“You’ll make that line and then I’ll have to come back and I’ll try to protect him the best way that I know how. Not that you’re doing anything to damage him, but it’s about making sure that he’s strong,” Michael Cole said. “And that’s the fun of what we do, I just have to direct traffic, make sure the sponsors — just like you do on your show — make sure the sponsors are taken are of and so forth.”

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