Mercedes Mone’s experience at AEW All In led her to the conclusion that this is her destined place.

Mercedes Mone’s experience at AEW All In led her to the conclusion that this is her destined place.
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In March 2024, during Dynamite: Big Business, wrestling star Mercedes Mone showed up in an AEW ring for the very first time. Prior to joining AEW, Mone had secured a contract with NJPW in January of the same year. However, a stubborn ankle injury meant she couldn’t make the most of her time with NJPW and eventually, she found herself as a free agent.

During her chat with WFAN, Mone offered some insight into her journey as a free agent. She recalled the thrill of being sought after by numerous wrestling companies, which placed several lucrative contracts on the table for her to consider. Selecting one was an intimidating task, particularly with recurring offers from her former employer, WWE. However, her instinct compelled her to move forward.

Having dialogue with diverse wrestling franchises such as CMLL and AEW, apart from her ongoing negotiations with WWE, felt like an enriching experience for Mone. After a two-year-long period of contemplation and conversations, she attended AEW’s All In at Wembley as part of the audience. Engulfed in the sea of 80,000 fans, she realized AEW was where she wanted to be, which came closest to aligning with her spirit.

Mone also elaborated on her preference for AEW over WWE – a decision she credited to the open doors of opportunity that AEW provided, both inside and outside of wrestling. As the AEW TBS Champion, she found it more supportive and accommodating of her other interests – such as her role in The Mandalorian – which she claimed was a struggle to negotiate with WWE.

Next on her agenda, Mercedes Mone is set to face Stephanie Vaquer, holder of the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship title. The two wrestling titans will participate in a Winner Takes All match and this much-awaited showdown will take place at the AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door 2024.