Mercedes Mone is Acclaimed by Mandy Rose for Holding Creative Power in AEW.

Mercedes Mone is Acclaimed by Mandy Rose for Holding Creative Power in AEW.
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In a new episode of the “Power Alphas” podcast, Mandy Rose expressed her thoughts on Mercedes Mone and the creative independence that Mone currently enjoys in All Elite Wrestling.

Additionally, Rose, who previously held the title of WWE NXT Women’s Champion, spoke of the possible positive changes that could be happening in WWE under Triple H’s leadership.

Highlights from this podcast episode include:

Rose’s thoughts about Mercedes Mone: “Mercedes Mone gave a recent interview in which she discussed having total creative freedom in AEW, a fact that was already known to me. When asked about a possible return to WWE, she expressed her satisfaction with her current position and said, ‘I have everything I love right now, so I’m happy.’ It’s wonderful to see her thrive in an environment where she has total control over her creativity. During our WWE days, she often had issues with the creative direction but, due to certain circumstances and people’s unwillingness to change, her concerns were often overlooked.”

Rose’s opinion on Mone’s current creative freedom in AEW: “The fact that Mone now has total control over her creative direction is absolutely commendable. Right now, even though I’m not wrestling, I can appreciate the sense of absolute freedom in being able to dictate your creative path without seeking approvals from a chain of command. This is an incredibly liberating feeling, especially for those of us who have been in WWE for a long time and often felt stifled.”

Rose’s hopes for WWE’s future: “My hope is for a change in the status quo at WWE. It could already be happening, but it’s a slow process. Despite my current non-wrestling status, I relate to the sense of exhilaration in being able to be the master of your creative destiny. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

You can watch the podcast episode on YouTube: [embedded content]

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