Melina On The Status Of Her Knee Before NWA EmPowerrr & How Injury Does Not Scare Her

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Melina On The Status Of Her Knee Before NWA EmPowerrr & How Injury Does Not Scare Her

Melina has learned to become fearless throughout her pro wrestling career and not one woman will take her down, not even Deonna Purrazzo. Melina will challenge Purrazzo for the IMPACT Knockout’s Championship at NWA EmPowerrr this evening and she’ll not let anything disrupt her focus, not even a lingering injury.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard asked about Melina’s recent ACL injury she suffered and what the mindset is like with that as she sets forth for one of the biggest matches of her career.

Melina previously told Vickie Guerrero that she was dealing with an ACL injury and would need surgery to correct it, but had put it off due her schedule and not knowing how it would affect her career after recovering. Now, she says it’s still holding up well, but is determined not to let it be a factor.

“So far it’s holding up well,” she said. “I’m really thankful it feels the same. That’s the crazy part, but then at the same time I know that it can feel the same and who knows what could happen, one wrong turn and I know the risks. I know the risks involved, but yes, I have to wrestle a different way, I have to be more aware, but then at the same time knowing what’s at risk and in my mind, that’s what I keep thinking. [Deonna] made a comment at one point saying that I know that it could be one of my last matches for a while. It could be a possibility.

“She thinks it’s because she’s going to be the one to put me down. No, no, no, no, no. It’s not her the one that’s not going to put me if anything were to happen. If something happens to my knee,” Melina said, “it’s not because of her. It’s because all the matches and wrestling that I’ve been through, that I put my body through. It’s time. It’s me and the love for wrestling that I keep going in to the ring. You know it’s just wear and tear, it’s not anybody specific that took me out. It’s all the many, many matches that I have endured and conquered that would possibly take me out, but it wouldn’t be just her.”

Anything could certainly happen during a wrestling match, but injury will not disrupt Melina’s thought process.

“I’m not scared of that. I still have the ability to win because of my perseverance. That’s something that’s different than anybody else. Some people see defeat and they just give up. No. Not me,” Melina stated. “Not me. I just get angrier and it makes me want to win that much more.”

Be sure to check out WrestleZone’s full conversation with Melina above.

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