Melina On The ‘Beautiful In-Between’ Working With Past Legends & Future Stars

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Melina On The ‘Beautiful In-Between’ Working With Past Legends & Future Stars


Photo by Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage

Melina is still a star that many fans may associate with in WWE, but she continues to further showcase her skills under the banner of the National Wrestling Alliance.

With NWA Empowerrr just around the bend, Melina spoke with Alistair McGeorge of Metro to discuss her current run in NWA, but it also gave an opportunity for her to speak on her good fortune of being able to work with certified legends in the squared circle and she mentions the angle with Mick Foley when she almost broke character as the Hardcore Legend sacrificed himself up to join Vince McMahon’s sadistic “Kiss My Ass” club. The angle however, had Melina ultimately deceiving Mick. She shares her thoughts on the experience:

‘Mindblowing! I’m telling you, I’m watching it all unfold and I’m trying to keep a serious – “OK, I’ve gotta keep a serious face, sell the moment,” she said. “But in my head, it’s all the thoughts, ‘Oh my goodness, he’s doing this for me, this is how much he believes in me!'”

“Getting to work with [Mick], Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, all these incredible people. I’m so lucky I was able to work with these people, all these freakin’ legends,” she added. Another name was the late Sherri Martel.

“And with Sherri Martel and have Sherri Martel praise me and take the time to try to teach me little deals. Oh my goodness, I’m the luckiest human being on the planet.”

Melina sure feels fortunate to have worked with such names, but now as a veteran, is grateful to help further the future stars of wrestling along.

“I’m in this beautiful in between where it’s like, some people only get to work with the past but I got to work with the past and the future. I’m so grateful for this entire ride in my existence and I’ll keep on enjoying every moment and being thankful.”

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