Melina Is Happy Feud With Deonna Purrazzo Is Getting Personal: ‘It’s The Kick In The Pants That I’ve Needed’

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Melina Is Happy Feud With Deonna Purrazzo Is Getting Personal: ‘It’s The Kick In The Pants That I’ve Needed’

Melina is happy Deonna Purrazzo is making things personal ahead of their title match at ‘Empowerrr’ next week.

Melina spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of her match against Deonna Purrazzo at NWA Empowerrr in St. Louis. Before she gets a shot at the Knockouts Championship, Melina will first face off against Purrazzo in a mixed tag team match at IMPACT’s Emergence event on Friday, August 20.

Melina made her IMPACT in-ring debut on Thursday with a win over Brandi Lauren and immediately had to deal with an attack by Purrazzo and her ‘King’ Matt Rehwoldt. Melina talked about how her match with Purrazzo was initially about winning, but now things are getting a bit more heated and she explained why she’s actually excited about how things are moving forward.

“Actually, it’s the kick in the pants that I’ve needed. After all of these years of seeing things, I was telling some of the girls [that people have disparaged me about my age and weight] and these are things that I’ve heard since the beginning of time, before I was even in wrestling, and before I put on weight and was older, and I’m unaffected. I block it all out,” she said.

“I do not get offended easily, that doesn’t bother me, and I think because of that, I needed it to be personal. I needed to be able to put in everything I had coming forward because I need more fire. Before, I could go ahead and start fighting because I know it’s in my heart to do the best that I can because I want,” she explained. “It was personal for me before because of my age and sometimes I feel like people don’t respect the things I’ve done in the past because it’s hard work to be the first, to lay down the tracks. I know the people before me, they didn’t have the respect that they deserved, and when I talked to them, I realized that I’m going through the same thing they did, but they deserved more credit than I do.

“In my heart, I know I have to give it my all because of them, as well as myself and my friends and my family, but then oh, Deonna just gives it a little bit more and I’m like, ‘You know what? I needed that. I needed you to give me more’ so that I can bring the pain. Before it was just about winning, but now it’s more personal.”

Melina pointed out that Deonna also said some similar things to Mickie James too, but it’s all of those things that make her want to teach ‘The Virtuosa’ a lesson that much more.

Melina and Trey Miguel will face off with Deonna Purrazzo and Matt Rehwoldt at Emergence on Friday, August 20. Melina will then challenge Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship at NWA Empowerrr on Saturday, August 28 in St. Louis.

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