Megan Morant’s Unexpected Journey to Working at WWE

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On a recent edition of the “Notsam Wrestling” podcast, WWE broadcaster Megan Morant revealed how she landed her job at WWE and the circumstances that transpired before her hiring.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On her initial pursuit of the WWE job: “I had never envisioned myself working at WWE. Not that I was against it, I just never thought that I’d ever end up here. I also didn’t know much about wrestling at all, I had watched maybe a tiny little bit — obviously growing up, you see all the kids with Austin 3:16 shirts, I knew about The Rock, but I never really sat down and watched. I was working in football for the Patriots, I was their in-house team reporter and I hosted a radio show, and I was there for four years and I had really reached my ceiling there. They loved me, I loved them, great experience but there wasn’t room for me to grow in that role, so I was looking to kind of see what was out there. I knew somebody at the talent office for Fox that I developed a really good relationship with and I was scrolling on LinkedIn one day and I saw that WWE is looking for a digital talent. So, I called up my pal Jacob and I was like, ‘Hey, saw this WWE, I know they’re on Fox, what do you think about me and WWE?’ He said, ‘I think you’d be really good at it, are you interested?’ A couple of emails were exchanged, I had a phone call with Tom Phillips and we chatted for a bit. A couple of months later, I got an email saying that Michael Cole would like to schedule a call with you. At the time, I really didn’t know who Michael Cole was. This was during the pandemic, I wasn’t really anticipating [anything], maybe my name got floated around, maybe my call with Tom Phillips was catching up, keep in touch. It was during the pandemic, the world was pretty locked down, we were living in Boston.”

On her first interactions with Michael Cole: “So I get on the phone with Cole and I tell him about myself, he tells me about WWE, he asks how much I know about wrestling and I’m ready to lie like oh yeah, I watch every week. He’s like, ‘Please don’t lie. I prefer to hire people who are not fans.’ I said, ‘Okay, I’ve never really watched.’ He said, ‘That’s okay, that’s okay. We can teach you about the product. How about I give you a month, you watch the product, I’ll fly you down and you can audition.’ So I get off the phone, I look at Andrew and I say, ‘We’re watching wrestling.’ So then I tell Andrew’s mom and she has books for me. She takes me into their basement, it’s filled with all of these action figures.”

On the inception of her own connection with the industry: “Now I’m interviewing for this position with this company that he’s totally kept a secret from me. So, it was very funny. We called his brother and [invited him] to come watch the Royal Rumble with us? I was in a pool, I picked numbers out of a pool. Bianca Belair won the Rumble, I was obsessed. As soon she came out with the braid, I was like, this is for me. I love this. Actually, the first episode I ever watched was that scene with Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton and the fire. I was hooked. I said to Andrew, ‘Why have I not watched this my whole life?’ I think wrestling for me is something that I would’ve always loved, it’s just we didn’t find each other until later in life.”

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Megan Morant, a WWE broadcaster, recently shared the story of how she landed her job at WWE and the circumstances that led to her hiring. In an interview on the “Notsam Wrestling” podcast, Morant discussed her initial pursuit of the WWE job and her first interactions with Michael Cole, a prominent figure in the company.

Morant revealed that she had never envisioned herself working at WWE and didn’t know much about wrestling. She had been working in football for the Patriots as their in-house team reporter and radio show host. After four years in that role, she felt she had reached her ceiling and began looking for new opportunities.

During her search, Morant came across a job posting for a digital talent position at WWE on LinkedIn. She reached out to a contact at Fox, who she had developed a good relationship with, to discuss the opportunity. A few emails were exchanged, and she had a phone call with Tom Phillips, which led to an email stating that Michael Cole wanted to schedule a call with her.

At the time, Morant didn’t know who Michael Cole was, but she agreed to the call. During their conversation, Cole asked her about her knowledge of wrestling. Morant was initially prepared to lie and say she watched wrestling every week, but Cole expressed a preference for hiring people who were not fans. She admitted that she had never really watched wrestling before.

Cole then offered her a month to watch the product and invited her to audition if she was interested. Morant accepted the challenge and started watching wrestling with her partner, Andrew. They even invited Andrew’s brother to watch the Royal Rumble with them. Morant quickly became hooked on wrestling, particularly after watching Bianca Belair’s performance in the Rumble.

Reflecting on her journey into the wrestling industry, Morant mentioned that she believes she would have always loved wrestling if she had discovered it earlier in life. She expressed her passion for the sport and her excitement about her new role as a WWE broadcaster.

The podcast interview provided insights into Morant’s path to WWE and highlighted her genuine interest in wrestling. It showcased her willingness to learn and adapt to a new industry, which has undoubtedly contributed to her success as a broadcaster. Morant’s story serves as an inspiration for those looking to pursue their passions and explore new career opportunities.