Medical Update On Jay Briscoe’s Daughters

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Earlier today, Jamin Pugh, understood to wrestling fans as Jay Briscoe, unfortunately died in an automobile mishap. His children, Gracie and Jayleigh, were likewise in the automobile at the time.

Josh Wharton, a good friend of the Pugh household, just recently published a live video on Facebook where he provided an upgrade on the 2 ladies. Have a look at the records listed below:

Update on Gracie: “Currently the ladies are steady, however they both have a long roadway of healing ahead of them. Gracie, 12, when she initially got to Nanticoke [health center], she could not feel anything from the waist down. She was detected with an L2 dislocation and an L3 and L4 fracture in her back with compression on her spine. After Nanticoke got her supported, they moved her to another health center and she got feeling back in her thighs, however absolutely nothing lower than her knee. She was taken directly for a MRI and surgical treatment on Wednesday early morning around 3 AM. The medical professional had the ability to ease the compression on the spine and surgical treatment went as well as anticipated. It’s a waiting video game when you have injury to your back cable. With the swelling and injury, you need to wait. She still has sensation in her thighs, however no motion as of. Gracie had tingling in her feet on and off today. Her development will be a daily basis for months to come. She is bruised up quite severely, however at this time, no other injuries have actually been identified.”

Update on Jayleigh: “Jayleigh was detected with an open tibia and fibula fracture at Nanticoke, where she went through surgical treatment. They put an external fixator on and sent her back to the healthcare facility. She has actually been identified with a C7 fracture in her neck and has actually been put in a neck brace, which she will remain in for 6 weeks. She likewise has an L3 and L4 fracture in her back, which can be handled with a back brace for about 12 weeks. She has an ideal clavicle fracture from the seat belt in addition to a damaged rib on the best side. She has a little left pneumothorax, which is the air in between the lung and chest wall, not inside the lung. They are simply keeping track of that as it’s not big enough for intervention at this moment, which is a true blessing. Today, she was identified with a perforated bowel with totally free fluid in her abdominal area, she had some internal bleeding in her stomach location. They understood about it and they were enjoying it and today they had the ability to identify it and discover where it was. That surgical treatment went incredible, that acted and got the bleeding under control and got her on the repair. She went to the OR for that today. They did a bowel resection, which implies they took a little of it out, absolutely nothing that is long-lasting impacts. While she was down there, the orthopedics chose to do another washout of her leg and some control to the bones for much better positioning. She still has the external fixator in location and they put an NG tube down her nose to decompress her stomach. They will take it out tomorrow and this will enable her to consume.”

On behalf of the whole eWn group, our ideas are with the Pugh household at this time.

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