Maxxine Dupri: ‘I Would Love To Be In A Rom-Com Or A Marvel Movie’

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Seth Rollins will have a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Maxxine Dupri hopes to join him.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Rollins will be part of 2024’s ‘Captain America: New World Order’ in an unspecified role.


Speaking to “WWE Die Woche,” Dupri shared her own cinema aspirations and possibly appearing in a Marvel movie or a romantic comedy. She said,

“I would love to be in any sort of rom-com or Marvel movie. I would love that opportunity. Actually, one of my favorite books, who is by the author Collen Hoover, ‘It Ends With Us,’ – they are making it into a movie. Blake Lively is playing the main character and there is a character that is playing a younger version of her. I’m just saying, I think we might be on to something.”

Speaking about Marvel, Dupri said she did not have a specific character in mind but would love to be in a role that is “powerful” and “empowering to women.”

Dupri isn’t the only woman with eyes on the MCU, as Liv Morgan stated last year that she intends to find a role with Marvel.

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