Max The Impaler Inks an Extended Deal With The NWA

Max The Impaler Inks an Extended Deal With The NWA
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The signing of talent to enduring contracts by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is persisting with Max the Impaler being the latest addition.

The official declaration is provided hereafter:

National Wrestling Alliance Welcomes Max the Impaler with Long-Term Contract

Max the Impaler, the reigning unified World Television and Women’s TV champion, has inked a long-term contract with the National Wrestling Alliance.

“The Warlord of the Wasteland” Ensures Continued Presence at the National Wrestling Alliance!
The National Wrestling Alliance is thrilled to disclose the long-term contract of Max the Impaler today.

In the past two years, Max the Impaler has been a formidable entity in the NWA. The groundbreaking, binary-defying superstar currently holds the NWA unified World Television and Women’s Television titles and is the key component of “The Sinister Minister” James Mitchell’s sinister group The Miserably Faithful.

“NWA is assembling a roster of skills to handle our future legacy,” expresses NWA Chief Operating Officer Joe Galli regarding the new signing.

“Max the Impaler securing their place in the NWA is exciting news as they exemplify the distinctive personas that have always made the National Wrestling Alliance memorable,” he adds.

Max, also known as “The Non-Binary Nightmare”, has participated in wrestling events globally, including NWA and Japan, and has dominated in Tokyo Joshi Pro. This exclusive contract assures that Max will continue their performances in NWA Powerrr and NWA Signature Live Events for the coming years.

The next crucial moment for Max as the unified NWA TV champion is set at NWA 76 in Philadelphia. The event takes place at the famous 2300 Arena on August 31, marking it as the most prominent NWA event this year.

All NWA championships have been scheduled to be contested that night. The role of Max, the only recent dual champion in NWA, is yet to be discussed.

Tickets for NWA 76 in Philadelphia are available now.

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