Maven Recounts Vince McMahon’s Stern Reaction After Disappointing RAW Performance

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Maven is back with his latest YouTube video, this time talking about a bad match he had on an episode of RAW and Vince McMahon not being a happy camper when he walked through the curtain.

According to the former WWE Tough Enough winner, McMahon directly told him that he needed to ask himself “if this was the career that I wanted to be in because after putting a match like that out there for the public to see, it wasn’t something that he was going to stand for.”


You can check out some highlights from the video below:

On having a bad match on RAW: “There was one occasion where the stress really got to me. So I had a match with Christopher Nowinski, and it was a Monday Night Raw. Now, normally, the following week, I would have live events starting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This week, we had no live events. So our next event was gonna be an entire week later for that Monday Night Raw. Having these three extra days off during a week, that makes all the difference in the world. We had six minutes to go out there, and in my own opinion, I put out a stinker. I was going through the motions. I was probably thinking about an extended vacation, and I was looking forward to a few extra days at home.”

On McMahon’s reaction: “As soon as I came back through the curtain, who was there to greet me but Vince McMahon. He told me, during my break, I needed to decide if this was the career that I wanted to be in because after putting a match like that out there for the public to see, it wasn’t something that he was going to stand for. So a vacation that I was looking forward to, something that I was excited to have turned into about a week of the most stressful situation that you can imagine. Now, I can promise you, when I came back, I came back with a changed attitude, and I made sure that even it was a smaller match on Heat or Velocity, or a match early in Raw, I was gonna put forth my best effort.”

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Maven Reflects on a Bad Match and Vince McMahon’s Reaction

Former WWE Tough Enough winner, Maven, recently released a new YouTube video where he discussed a bad match he had on an episode of RAW and the reaction he received from Vince McMahon. In the video, Maven revealed that McMahon directly approached him after the match and questioned whether he truly wanted to pursue a career in wrestling.

The match in question took place against Christopher Nowinski on Monday Night Raw. Maven explained that the stress of the situation got to him, as he had three extra days off before the next event. He admitted that he was going through the motions and not fully invested in the match, as he was looking forward to the extended vacation and time at home.

Upon returning backstage after the match, Maven was greeted by Vince McMahon himself. McMahon expressed his disappointment in Maven’s performance and emphasized that such a match was not acceptable. He even went as far as questioning Maven’s commitment to his career, urging him to reflect on whether wrestling was truly what he wanted to pursue.

Maven revealed that what was supposed to be an enjoyable vacation turned into a week of extreme stress. Determined to prove himself, Maven returned with a changed attitude and made a commitment to give his best effort in every match, regardless of its significance or placement on the card.

The video also included highlights from Maven’s discussion, allowing fans to gain insight into his experience and the impact it had on his career. Maven’s story serves as a reminder of the intense pressure and expectations placed on WWE wrestlers, even for seemingly minor matches.

Maven’s YouTube channel has become a platform for him to share personal stories and insights from his time in the wrestling industry. This particular video sheds light on the behind-the-scenes challenges wrestlers face and the importance of maintaining a strong work ethic.

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Maven’s video offers a unique perspective on the inner workings of the wrestling industry and serves as a valuable resource for fans looking to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by their favorite wrestlers.