Matt Taven Reveals He Got Knee Surgery, Talks Rehabbing During Pandemic

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Matt Taven Reveals He Got Knee Surgery, Talks Rehabbing During Pandemic

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR/Ian Storck

It was known that Matt Taven had been recovering from ankle surgery after suffering an injury, but in a recent guest appearance on the ROHStrong podcast, Taven also revealed that during his recovery, he also got surgery on his knee.

Speaking on his injury, Taven revealed that he had surgery on his knee during the pandemic, stating that the different circumstances allowed him to do so. “That’s one of the weirdest things about this quarantine is that I’ve been able to quietly rehab my ankle surgery but also I got knee surgery as well during quarantine and have been able to rehab that while everything is going on,” he said (transcriptions via Post Wrestling). “Its been a little difficult because since everything is closed down, I haven’t been able to get into the P.T. office, I really haven’t been able to talk to my surgeon except over Zoom and Skype, which is a little different. It’s hard to explain things that are going on and how you’re recovering over the computer instead of really showing someone and letting them see how you’re recovering. So, I think I’m doing great. I feel like I’m ready to go.”

Taven went on to say that while he hasn’t been able to get to a doctor to be cleared, he does feel better. ” I haven’t been able to get a doctor to say, ‘You’re cleared’ just because of everything that’s been going on right now with quarantine, but if it was up to me, and this might be my own stupidness from not learning from previous mistakes because I always seem to go out there to the ring no matter what condition I’m in but, right now if you were to ask me if I was ready to go, I feel like I am. I’m just waiting for a doctor’s ‘OK’ and hopefully, everything can kinda get lifted as far as lock down and probably my most important thing that I’m looking forward to is getting back into a doctor’s office so they can tell me I’m good to go.”

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