Matt Riddle Secures First Championship Post-WWE, Prepares for Title Defense Against Former Superstar

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Matt Riddle has captured his first professional wrestling championship following his release from WWE in September of last year.

The Original Bro captured Combat 1’s World Championship this week. His first title defense will come in April against fellow WWE alum Austin Aries.

In WWE, Riddle was a former United States Champion, RAW Tag Team Champion, and WWE NXT Tag Team Champion.

Matt Riddle, also known as the “Original Bro,” has achieved a significant milestone in his professional wrestling career. After his release from WWE in September of last year, Riddle has now captured his first wrestling championship. This week, he won the Combat 1’s World Championship, marking a new chapter in his journey.

Riddle’s victory is a testament to his talent and determination. Despite facing setbacks and challenges, he has managed to rise above and prove himself in the wrestling world once again. This achievement not only showcases his skills but also highlights the potential for success outside of the WWE.

The Original Bro’s first title defense is scheduled for April, where he will face off against Austin Aries, another former WWE wrestler. This match is highly anticipated by fans and wrestling enthusiasts, as it brings together two talented individuals who have made their mark in the industry.

Before his release from WWE, Riddle had already established himself as a formidable competitor. He held several titles during his time with the company, including the United States Championship, RAW Tag Team Championship, and WWE NXT Tag Team Championship. These accolades reflect his versatility and ability to excel in different wrestling divisions.

Riddle’s journey from WWE to Combat 1’s World Championship is a testament to the opportunities available outside of the mainstream wrestling promotion. It demonstrates that talent and hard work can lead to success in various organizations and promotions. This serves as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers who may be looking for alternative paths to achieve their goals.

The wrestling community has been buzzing with excitement following Riddle’s championship win. Fans have taken to social media platforms to express their support and admiration for the Original Bro. The victory has also sparked discussions about Riddle’s potential future in other promotions and the impact he can make in the industry.

As Riddle prepares for his upcoming title defense against Austin Aries, fans eagerly await the clash between these two talented wrestlers. The match promises to be a thrilling encounter, showcasing their skills, athleticism, and determination. It will undoubtedly be a must-watch event for wrestling enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Matt Riddle’s capture of the Combat 1’s World Championship is a significant achievement in his career. It symbolizes his resilience, talent, and ability to succeed outside of the WWE. As he prepares for his first title defense against Austin Aries, the wrestling world eagerly anticipates the clash between these two accomplished athletes. Riddle’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers and highlights the potential for success beyond the confines of mainstream promotions.