Matt Riddle On Rumored Heat With Legends: A Lot Of Them Actually Like Me, Booker T Tells Me To Put Shoes On

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Matt Riddle Dismisses Rumors He Has Heat: A Lot Of WWE Legends Actually Like Me And Give Advice

matt riddle

Photo Credit: WWE

Matt Riddle says some people think he has heat with a lot of the WWE legends, but most of them actually like him and give him good advice.

Riddle recently spoke with ViBe Wrestling and commented on the perception that he has heat with WWE Legends for being outspoken. In the past, Riddle had beef over some of his remarks about Goldberg (and his lack of wrestling skills), but the Original Bro says most of the Legends actually do like him and give him some pretty good advice.

“A lot of people think I have heat with a lot of these legends. [But] the majority of the legends like me. I’ll be completely honest—they like me. I see Ric Flair all the time, he’s been around because he’s doing his little thing with Lacey and stuff. Ric’s one of the greatest,” Riddle explained, “he always gives me tips and advice. Booker T always gives me advice. He tells me to put shoes on. He doesn’t like that I wrestle barefoot, he’s like, ‘Go get boots, Matt.’ I’m like, ‘It’s Riddle, Booker’, but hey…”

Riddle was also asked about MSK’s arrival in NXT, and he put them over as hard workers and a couple of good bros.

“They’re awesome. I know those guys, I’ve wrestled with those guys in the past, they’re hard workers, they get it. They’re entertaining. I mean, did you see those guys eating popcorn the other day? They’re very charismatic, they don’t care what you think about them and they deliver. Honestly, I felt bad for Grizzled Young Vets, I know they were in the finals again and they didn’t win so you know, tear for them. I was really pulling for them,” Riddle said, “but what a great start for MSK to win the Dusty Cup in their first outing, their first tournament. I’m happy for them. They’re a couple good bros, so I’m really stoked.”

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