Matt Riddle Debuts On SmackDown, Pins AJ Styles

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Matt Riddle Debuts On SmackDown, Pins AJ Styles

matt riddle

Photo Credit: WWE

Matt Riddle’s SmackDown debut was highly anticipated by many fans, and he arrived to the brand in style, challenging WWE Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles to a match and, surprisingly, coming away with a big win.

The #FaceThatRunsThePlace meet The #BroThatsGonnaRunTheShow. #SmackDown @AJStylesOrg @SuperKingofBros

— WWE (@WWE) June 20, 2020

After winning the championship last week, Styles opened up tonight’s episode of SmackDown by inviting a ton of superstars to ringside and making Daniel Bryan – who he beat last week – put the championship around his waist and congratulate him. After some back and forth, Styles said that not just anyone could challenge him for the belt, which is when he was interrupted by Riddle. In the ring, Riddle and Styles got into a brawl, which quickly led to the match, where Riddle shockingly came away with a win.

#ICChampion @AJStylesOrg shows off his veteran instincts against new #SmackDown arrival @SuperKingofBros.

— WWE (@WWE) June 20, 2020

For a brief recap of tonight’s match, check out below:

Styles misses a splash in the corner. Riddle elbows Styles in the face. Riddle misses a standing moonsault. Riddle follows that with a broton. Riddle puts Styles in a rear-naked choke. Styles turns it into a pin. Riddle releases the hold. Styles rolls Riddle into the Calf Crusher. Riddle gets to the ropes. Styles pushes Bryan. Styles gets in Bryan’s face. Styles tries to set up the Phenomenal Forearm. Riddle picks Styles off the top rope and hits Broderek for the win!

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