Matt Hardy’s Original Free The Delete Ending Involved WWE

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Matt Hardy’s Original Free The Delete Ending Involved WWE

matt hardy

Photo Credit: YouTube/MATTHARDYBRAND

The ending to Matt Hardy’s “Free The Delete” saga on YouTube was one that many anticipated. Hardy putt his WWE persona to rest and welcomed The Bucks of Youth onto his compound, foreshadowing an AEW run that has yet to begin. However, speaking with PWInsider (subscription required), that wasn’t always the plan. According to the Broken One, Hardy set out to tell a story that would lead him back to WWE.

His original plan involved either The Undertaker or Bray Wyatt appearing at the end of series, something that makes sense considering Sister Abigail’s heavy involvement in the narrative surrounding “Zenith” and its demise. If Hardy were to stay with WWE, the plan was to bring the Broken persona into NXT, where he would lead a faction based around the gimmick. Unfortunately, Hardy was unable to work things out with WWE in the end, and his Elite future seems all but certain.

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