Matt Hardy Uses ‘Dexter’ To Explain How Wrestling Characters Need To Change And Stay Fresh

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Matt Hardy Uses ‘Dexter’ To Explain How Wrestling Characters Need To Change And Stay Fresh

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

During a recent episode of his Culture State podcast, AEW star Matt Hardy spoke about how his career draws some similar parallels to the iconic television series “Dexter”, and how he’s been able to reinvent himself throughout his career.

When it comes to “Dexter”, Hardy compared the way that the show changed throughout its history to the way that he has been able to constantly alter his on-screejn character. He argued that “Dexter” fizzled out in its final season because the storylines got stale and emphasized the importance of shaking things up from a character standpoint.

“Early on, I always felt like, you have to change,” Hardy said. “Like any TV show, regardless of how great the TV show is, if it goes on too long, it kinda gets stale and it runs out of content of new ideas.”

“I feel like [‘Dexter’] had eight seasons and towards the end, they almost ran out of material, so it kind of got stale,” said Hardy. “They kinda threw stuff at the wall to see what sticks. And now they’re coming back with a new kind of freshly branded series trying to go out on a strong note. I always felt like you’ve always got to change. Because sure, Matt Hardy is gonna be Matt Hardy when it’s all said and done. He’s gonna do the same moves and kind of wrestle the same way, but if you can change your character and your personality, you can keep it fresh.”

Hardy went on to talk about how he’s been able to constantly reinvent himself in new ways. H explained that it simply takes being fearless in what you do in order to accomplish this goal.

“I feel like you have to constantly update yourself and change what you’re doing to remain fresh,” said Hardy. “And that way, you never go stale if you do that. You have to change. And you have to be fearless in a creative sense, where you’re willing to think outside the box and also step out and take changes. I feel like my brother is fearless from a physical aspect; I feel like I am fearless from a creative aspect.”

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