Matt Hardy To Send HFO After Orange Cassidy; Calls Him A ‘Mockery’ Of The Industry

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Matt Hardy To Send HFO After Orange Cassidy; Calls Him A ‘Mockery’ Of The Industry

matt hardy

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Orange Cassidy made Matt Hardy‘s face look “freshly squeezed” on AEW Dynamite and now the Big Money Hardy is looking to double down on his disdain for Cassidy’s pocket presence. Hardy lost in singles competition against Orange after the two exchanged some verbal and visual psychology with one another. Cassidy ended up adding salt to the wound of Matt by busting his face open during a crossbody and added a dash more when he literally pinned him with his hands in his pockets. Hardy took to Twitter this morning to share a video recorded after the match in which Hardy make clear he’s going to go hard at Orange.

“I absolutely despise you. I have so much disdain for you and what you tried to do to me. You tried to break the face of ‘Big Money’ Matt Hardy,” a bloodied mouth Matt stated.

“Orange Cassidy I promise you now, I’m coming at you with the full force of all of the HFO and I will not stop until you are out of my industry! You are an embarrassment! You make a mockery of this industry and I promise you I am sending every resource of my disposal after you and I am going to END YOU!”

It was refreshing to see you take MY industry serious for once, @orangecassidy. Now it’s real. You now owe Big Money Matt a DELIGHTFUL debt.


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