Matt Hardy Talks WWE Not ‘Getting’ The Broken Character, His Rejected Ideas For RAW

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Matt Hardy Talks WWE Not ‘Getting’ The Broken Character, His Rejected Ideas For RAW

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Photo Credit: YouTube/MATTHARDYBRAND

PWInsider recently conducted a great interview with Matt Hardy. He talks a lot about his latest WWE run, why it didn’t go as planned, and a lot of scrapped ideas such as more House Hardy specials on the WWE Network and TV ideas.

Check out highlights below:

On if WWE truly got the broken character:

No, I don’t think they got the character all the way. I think the creative guys do. People say, “Oh, creative should have done better,” but at the end of the day, it’s not up to them. I mean, you say it all the time. I mean, Vince is like the one. I mean, if he wants something done, it’s happening. If he doesn’t want something done, it isn’t happening. The Halloween special, I and JB and Dan Pucciarello from WWE Network did that all together. So literally I had creative control in that. And those specials …what was sad in many ways. In January, I just got the word from them that they greenlit two more House Hardy specials because the first one did very well.

On why it took so long for more House Hardy specials to get greenlit:

I think there was just so much concern whenever I had left TV, whenever Bray and I had wrapped up [our storyline] and we were going to be off for a couple of months, they’ve been pitching to do specials, House Hardy, House Hardy, House Hardy. But then they said they couldn’t ever get a clear cut answer from Vince, or they couldn’t get a meeting with Vince. And then like they’re saying, “Well if you come back as a different character then it’s going to be our ass and we don’t want to do that.” So that’s why that never came to be. I was just like, I went in to [Vince McMahon] and he was okay with it, but then they can never get confirmation on their own. It is such a big company, so many moving parts and nobody wants to infuriate Vince.

His idea to do a Broken Block:

I just want 15 minutes. Give me 15 minutes of the show and I want to make a segment called The Broken Block. I want to take guys like Ali, Apollo, Chad Gable, guys who are underutilized, use them, let them have bad ass matches and then throw a little bit of Broken Matt in there as well and actually be gone away for a while and come back as Broken Matt. I had a whole storyline about how to do that and just different things like that. I didn’t want to be the champion. I want to do things that I could do to help other guys and do a little role. I feel like too, a little variety would help the show as well. So much content.

Why his utilization is of the utmost importance:

This is really important to me, like how I do these next three or four years. I’m not 25 or 30 years old. I have some good matches left in me, but I don’t have a good match every day of the week, and I can’t do it four or five days a week like I used to. I just don’t bounce back like that.

I just know I have to be utilized and I still think there’s going to be some stuff I do coming up that’s going to surprise people like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe he did that,” because the way you’re utilized makes all the difference in the world, and I just wasn’t happy with my utilization with WWE for the last year.

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