Matt Hardy Talks About The Situations Surrounding Jeff Hardy’s AEW Launching

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Throughout a current episode of his ” The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy”podcast, AEW wrestler Matt Hardy supplied an in-depth account of Jeff Hardy’s surprise launching in All Elite Wrestling, exposing that they were uninformed of it till the very day it occurred.

Detailing the situations surrounding Jeff Hardy’s non-compete stipulation, Matt stated,

” He takes [the non-compete stipulation] as severe as a cardiovascular disease, is the old stating. He simply will not do it. He feels it’s not rewarding to do. The manner in which offer went is we understand I’m turning babyface at some time; it ends up Jeff’s no-compete provision ends on a Tuesday and there’s a Dynamite the next night.”

According to Matt’s account, he connected to his superiors through text at midnight on Tuesday to ask about Jeff’s status however got no reaction that day. The following early morning at 5:45 a.m., he got a call from Bryce Remsburg, who manages travel plans for AEW skill and likewise functions as a referee, asking if Jeff was readily available to fly out that exact same day to talk about prospective chances with AEW.

Due to logistical obstacles, Jeff’s flight wasn’t readily available up until later on that day, and he came to around 5 p.m., just a couple of hours prior to the start of Dynamite. Matt exposed that prepare for Jeff’s launching were made extremely late at the same time, to the point where they had actually at first thought about turning himself and Private Party into babyfaces. This concept was ultimately ditched in favor of Matt carrying out a turn, with Jeff conserving him from an impending attack.

” I was going to turn babyface regardless if Jeff came or not. There were no Jeff strategies. They didn’t make Jeff imaginative strategies. Tony declined to do that; just after Jeff got launched from WWE. I might’ve turned babyface, done a program with Andrade for 4 weeks or whatever, and after that Jeff might’ve appeared. There was no strategies at that time [for Jeff]”

Jeff Hardy’s existing status with AEW stays up in the air following his newest DUI difficulties.

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