Matt Hardy Talk About Criticism Of Referees Holding Ladders For Wrestlers Throughout Matches

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Following the Face of the Revolution ladder match on recently’s AEW Dynamite, there was a great deal of fan criticism about referees holding the ladders for wrestlers in matches due to the fact that it eliminates from the match.

Throughout the last episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW star, who has actually had lots of ladder matches in his profession, provided his ideas on the argument:

” Well, obviously, there was another ladder that was taller which was expected to be in the ring, however that didn’t take place. Hobbs simply had to stand all the method on top of it, which looked outrageous. That image was crazy. Since it’s extremely tough to stand on top of a ladder like that, I’m sure he had to be sweating. If anyone out there has actually ever attempted it, I do not understand. It is something I’ve attempted in the past and Jeff’s done it sometimes, however it is tough and really tough. To have that huge ass male standing up on top of the ladder was an insane, insane visual. I think he simply, in the heat of the minute, I imply, there was no time at all to get the other, taller ladder and he needed to make do.”

( The referee holding the ladder), that does not trouble me at all. I suggest, that’s been taking place given that the start of time. Wrestling fans now are simply a lot more crucial than they’ve ever been. It is what it is. Everybody wishes to speak up on whatever. You’re never ever going to please everybody. That’s something I understand. I head out and I do what I do to the very best of my capability, and if individuals like it and enjoy it, that’s fantastic, and if they do not, it is what it is. I’m out there attempting to work for the higher good. When you have men climbing up on a ladder, and specifically standing at the top, if you have a referee simply below holding it, I indicate, that does not trouble me at all. Not one bit.”

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