Matt Hardy Shares Why ‘The Elite Deletion’ Is So Important To Him (Video)

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Matt Hardy Shares Why ‘The Elite Deletion’ Is So Important To Him (Video)

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The wrestling world is mere moments away from kicking into full gear for AEW Full Gear and a match that will certainly be very different from the rest is “The Elite Deletion” bout between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara.

Earlier on, Hardy shared out a video expressing why this upcoming match means so much to him as he continues on with his in-ring career.

First, Hardy apologized for his injury at All Out, stating he felt like he did a disservice to the show. He said that his confidence took a major shot, asking himself if he should continue doing this. He says tonight he feels so grateful at the opportunity to redeem himself tonight.

“I’m excited about my match, The Elite Deletion, which is going to be taking place here at the magical, fabled, iconic Hardy compound. I really am excited for the entire show from top to bottom. It’s a killer card and it should be a badass night of professional wrestling. I want to take just a little bit of time and get a couple of things off my chest, maybe even confess a few things. First and foremost, I want to say this again, I want to apologize to everyone at the organization of All Elite Wrestling, all the wrestlers at AEW, [and] all of the AEW wrestling fans in their base all around the world, for my injury at All Out. Sure, wrestling isn’t ballet and people are always going to get injured. It’s a very physical, dangerous sport where we take a lot of risks night in and night out. But my injury on that night really [dragged] down a card that was so good and it really hurt the mood of the show and I really, really sincerely want to apologize for that.

“I really feel bad about that. I feel like I did a disservice to AEW on that night and even though it was really out of my control and it was obviously nothing I intended or meant to happen, it happened and I feel responsible for it. I also want each and every one of you to know that you weren’t the only ones affected by my very serious and dangerous accident that happened on that night. It also affected me. My confidence took a big shot. It really did affect my confidence and it made me second guess and question myself, like ‘late in the game, should I still be doing this? Is it time for me to give it up and move on to the next chapter of my life?’ I’ve had confidence issues and if you are a big Matt Hardy fan, you’ve probably noticed the last few weeks, I haven’t had the exact same spark. I haven’t had the same confidence, the same conviction in my speaking and my mannerisms and it really is true.”

(Transcription credit should go to the mercenary Robert DeFelice of both Fightful and WrestleZone)

He closed it out by saying he wants to go out and “kill it” tonight and end this “blood vendetta” against Sammy Guevara. You can check out the full video below:

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