Matt Hardy Shares His Experience of the Brock Lesnar/Curt Hennig Fight on the ‘Plane Ride From Hell’ Flight

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On a recent edition of his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt Hardy recalled his memories of the infamous WWE “Plane Ride From Hell.”

The 2002 WWE-chartered flight from the United Kingdom to the United States of America is infamously recognized for certain antics that took place on the flight (including the allegations of sexual misconduct) and was chronicled on the Dark Side of the Ring series.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On being on the plane ride: “Of course, I was on it, and I have a ton of memories. I’ll never forget, they worked really hard to get me on that ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ episode of Plane Ride from Hell. I very politely declined because I knew no good was — well, too, if you speak the facts and how things really went down in society and you’re showing you’re a good-natured person and you have to say these terrible things about people you may genuinely like. Or maybe people who have done good things to you. It’s like a lose-lose situation in many ways, and I thought we saw many examples of that, like with Tommy Dreamer, who is one of the sweetest guys in the world and really wants what’s best for everyone, but he was just kind of put in an impossible situation.”

On what he remembers most about the flight: “When it comes to the Plane Ride from Hell, my most fond memory that I can say, which won’t get me in trouble one way or the other, is that I remember sitting, talking with Undertaker, being right by that emergency exit, Curt Hennig was being hilarious. He just kept, with Brock, ‘Look, I’m so sorry I did this, I’m so sorry I’ve been ribbing you.’ He said, ‘Hey, can we make it okay? Here, shake my hand, Brock. Let’s shake hands like men.’ And I remember Curt Hennig stomped on his toes and he had on shoes and Brock didn’t and he went running down the aisle.”

“Then eventually when he caught up to him and they came back, he picked him up like he was driving him into the turnbuckle and drove him into the emergency door there. We’re at the highest elevation flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Like, ‘Holy s**t.’ It was terrifying. I remember them hitting and me making eye contact with Taker like, ‘F**k,’ and it was just like, ‘What if this would’ve opened?’ We would’ve all died. Pretty much impossible to open the thing at that height and whatnot, but it was just so crazy. You would never, ever see that on a plane in this day and age.”

On Vince McMahon tackling Kurt Angle: “Vince kept trying to take him down. There was one point where he grabbed me and said, ‘Hardy, distract the son of a bitch. Tell him to come to you.’ And he was going to jump out from behind like where the stewardess stands. I said, ‘What am I gonna get out of this?’ ‘Oh, I’m gonna take good care of you [laughs].’

“Then I went and I was walking through and as I was doing this, ‘Hey, Kurt, come down here. By the way, watch out, Vince is going to jump you.’ And Vince grabbed him and immediately turned him around. Every single time Vince tried to grab Kurt, Kurt took him down instantly. Every time I saw it, and I saw it happen multiple times throughout the night, Kurt would grab Vince and take him down and pin his ass on the floor.”

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The Infamous WWE “Plane Ride From Hell”: A Look Back at the Controversial Flight

In the world of professional wrestling, there have been numerous stories of wild and outrageous behavior behind the scenes. One such incident that has become legendary in wrestling circles is the infamous WWE “Plane Ride From Hell.” This 2002 chartered flight from the United Kingdom to the United States of America is remembered for its outrageous antics, including allegations of sexual misconduct. Recently, former WWE superstar Matt Hardy shared his memories of the event on his podcast, “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.”

The “Plane Ride From Hell” has gained notoriety over the years, with its stories being chronicled on the popular documentary series, “Dark Side of the Ring.” The flight was filled with chaos and controversy, leaving a lasting impact on those who were present.

Matt Hardy, who was on the flight, declined to appear on the “Dark Side of the Ring” episode about the incident. He explained that speaking about the events would require him to say terrible things about people he may genuinely like or who have done good things for him. Hardy recognized that it was a lose-lose situation and sympathized with fellow wrestler Tommy Dreamer, who was put in an impossible position when discussing the events.

Despite the controversy surrounding the flight, Hardy did recall one fond memory from that night. He remembered sitting near the emergency exit, engaging in a conversation with legendary wrestler The Undertaker while Curt Hennig provided comedic relief. Hennig playfully apologized to Brock Lesnar for his previous pranks and suggested they shake hands like men. However, Hennig stomped on Lesnar’s toes and ran down the aisle, with Lesnar chasing after him. Eventually, Lesnar caught up to Hennig and drove him into the emergency door. The incident left everyone on the plane in shock, realizing how dangerous it could have been if the door had opened at such a high altitude.

Another notable incident involved WWE chairman Vince McMahon and wrestler Kurt Angle. McMahon repeatedly attempted to tackle Angle, even enlisting Hardy’s help to distract him. However, every time McMahon tried to grab Angle, the Olympic gold medalist effortlessly took him down and pinned him to the floor. This display of athleticism and dominance left an impression on Hardy and others who witnessed it.

The “Plane Ride From Hell” serves as a reminder of the wild and unpredictable nature of the wrestling industry. While some may view it as a collection of outrageous stories, it also highlights the unique camaraderie and relationships that exist among wrestlers. Despite the controversies and questionable behavior, there is a sense of brotherhood among these individuals who share a passion for their craft.

In today’s age of heightened security and strict regulations, it is unlikely that we will ever witness such chaotic events on a plane again. The “Plane Ride From Hell” remains a significant chapter in wrestling history, reminding us of the wild and untamed spirit that once defined the industry.

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