Matt Hardy Pays Tribute, Gives Praise To Jay Briscoe

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Speaking on the most recent episode of The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy, Hardy praised the late Jay Briscoe’s realism in promos. He also spoke about the influence that The Briscoes had on tag team wrestling. You can read highlights of Hardy’s comments below:

On the realism of Jay’s promos: “I mean, they were just — they were very real. I mean, when you heard these guys speaking, I don’t think it came off like a wrestling promo. It came off like two guys that wanted to whip your ass. Which I think sells tickets. I think they were just so believable, so credible. Especially Jay. You know, when he’d get in there and he’d start spitting s**t, you know, and do his promos… And he’d be locked in, and he has the eyes and the camera getting close? So good, man. He’s such a such a — just the coolest badass alive, is how Jay Briscoe came off to me as a character. And his promos were just on the money. When you heard someone, it sounded like this guy’s legitimately gonna try and rip this guy apart when he gets him in the ring. I mean, he was so believable, so credible when he spoke.”

The Briscoes influence on tag team wrestling: “I mean, they were pioneers of a tag team division, you know? When the style was constantly changing, these guys — they could also go out and they could wrestle great scientifically. If you need to go out and wrestle scientifically, they could. They could do all the fundamental wrestling, they could do the high-flying, they could do the hardcore [wrestling]. I mean, they were very well-versed in everything, and they were just great at everything. If they were singles, they were great in those roles. I mean, whenever they had matches against each other they would beat the s**t out of one another, you know? They had great matches when they they went one-on-one with one another.

“But I think their legacy as almost being like the the foundation for the Ring of Honor tag team division, I don’t think it’s too big of a statement to say that they were. They were the foundation of Ring of Honor’s tag team division. They were multiple-time champs, I feel like they’re associated with Ring of Honor almost more than anybody else is. When you think about the Briscoes, I think you immediately think about Ring of Honor. You think about all the great stuff, all the great matches they had. And I think those guys were trailblazers for tag teams in the 2010s.”

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