Matt Hardy On Drew McIntyre Winning The Royal Rumble, Watch Brandi Rhodes’ Second Therapy Session

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Matt Hardy On Drew McIntyre Winning The Royal Rumble, Watch Brandi Rhodes’ Second Therapy Session

Matt Hardy

Photo by Satyabrata Tripathy/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Matt Hardy On Drew McIntyre Winning The Royal Rumble

In the latest episode of “THOUGHTS FROM THE THRONE,” Matt Hardy gave his thoughts on Drew McIntyre winning the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble match:

Hardy: “Drew is a guy I have pushed for for a long time. Whenever he got released from the WWE, whenever it was, 2012, 2013, whatever, I was blown away because he’s a guy with so much potential and the ability to be a top guy for a long time to come. And then I got to work with him in different areas, in TNA, and I really pushed hard for him in TNA to be one of the guys to build the company around.”

“Now, it’s great to see him truly getting an opportunity to compete for the spot I thought he deserved. I think he’s a guy that would make a great champion and he’s a guy the company can build around and I definitely think he’s a cornerstone of any company he’s in.”

Hardy also discussed the argument regarding whether older talents should be pushed. “Age is really irrelevant,” said Hardy. “If you can still go in the ring, if you’re still entertaining, and you’re still good and you have a lot to contribute to the show on a full time basis, age is irrelevant. Talent is what’s relevant. If you’re talented you should be utilized.”

Watch Brandi Rhodes’ Second Therapy Session

All Elite Wrestling Tweeted a video of Brandi Rhodes’ second therapy session. Time will tell how these sessions will influence her character on All Elite Wrestling television. In the video, Rhodes is clearly worried about her own well-being. “I just know that something’s not right and I think I still need help,” said Rhodes.

The video shows some fans’ Tweets that criticize Rhodes’ work as a performer. “It’s okay, it doesn’t bother me,” said Rhodes in response to the Tweets.

Finally, Rhodes’ therapist told her she might need to make some changes. “The things that we hold onto, friends, family, sometimes they need to die,” said the therapist.


— The Brandalorian (@TheBrandiRhodes) February 2, 2020

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