Matt Cardona Responds To GCW World Title Loss, Calls It The ‘Chicago Screwjob’

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Matt Cardona Responds To GCW World Title Loss, Calls It The ‘Chicago Screwjob’

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Photo Credit: Earl Gardner Photography

Matt Cardona lost the GCW World Championship on Saturday night, but he’s still the self-proclaimed GCW Universal Champion.

Shortly after Cardona surprisingly lost the world title to Jon Moxley at GCW The Art of War Games, Josh Shernoff interviewed “The Deathmatch King” backstage. Though Cardona was clearly distraught about the loss, he pointed out that the Universal Championship, which he had commisioned himself, is still in his grasp.

“Listen, I say I’m always ready, and I am, but that’s bull—-, dude,” said Cardona. “I’m always ready, except for when Jon Moxley, except for that one time Jon Moxley screwed me over. That’s right, he screwed me over. I beat Frank The Clown, I was prepared for Frank The Clown. I don’t know what to say. I’m still this [gestures to the GCW Universal Championship], I’m still the Universal Champion, but my title’s gone.

“I mean, am I still the Deathmatch King?” Cardona asked. “Look at this! [Gestures to his legs.] There’s glass in my a–. That was an unsafe working environment. I did not sign up WarGames. I did not sign up for a death match. I signed up for a good, clean, fair fight. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know [where to go from here.]”

Cardona then walked away, leaving his future with GCW unclear.

I’m backstage at #GCW where @jonmoxley just defeated @TheMattCardona for the @GCWrestling_ World Championship!!
Is Matt still the #deathmatch king?!?

— Josh Shernoff (@SoSaysShernoff) September 5, 2021

In multiple tweets, Cardona commented on his loss. In one, he compared it to the infamous Montreal Screwjob.

Now I know how @BretHart felt!


— Matt Cardona (@TheMattCardona) September 5, 2021

Later, on Sunday morning, Cardona noted that he knew how PNC Bank felt after Nick Gage walked in felt because he got “robbed.” Here, Cardona was clearly using Gage’s past against him, as he was arrested for robbing a PNC Bank in 2010.

After last night at @GCWrestling_, I now know EXACTLY how @PNCBank felt after @thekingnickgage walked in…


— Matt Cardona (@TheMattCardona) September 5, 2021

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