Matt Cardona on His Bicep Injury & When He Will Return to Wrestling

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Matt Cardona on His Bicep Injury & When He Will Return to Wrestling

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These prowrestler are good. July thirty first nashville tennessee as promised ric flair will saunter that out one beyond regular time could well possible twenty eighth uh we desire to know referring to the uh incident uh the assign your bicep received torn off the bone oh i'm assuming he's torn off the bone so yeah what took place within the match and.

Proper freak factor or disappear that went depraved or what yeah in actuality i wrestled twice that day within the identical building i wrestled for a official wrestling revolver against rich swan for the impact digital media title and then admire didn't even bathe ethical changed instruments reading my hair went accessible admire an hour or two later and wrestled blake christian for gcw.

Uh this cramped assign of abode monkey does regarded as one of his high flying flips over the ropes and you already know lands on me and tears my bicep you already know a freak factor um happens reliable i continue the match due to i'm so complicated you already know and that i in actuality capture.

Uh but then i knew the complete time one thing's depraved um and then after the match i i rolled down my elbow pad and that i seek for my bicep is rolling the complete blueprint up in the direction of my shoulder i'm admire correctly you already know i'm no doctor but i’m in a position to utter this factor's torn so uh took a red look relieve home to orlando.

Got it checked out particular ample torn received the surgery and that became two months within the past so um doctor acknowledged five to 6 months i became hoping to end it in three so we earn a month left will i end it in three i don't know i i is rarely any longer going to earn relieve within the ring unless i'm 100 unless i maintain i'm 100 admire at this time listen if there became one thing going down this ric.

Aptitude's final match demonstrate and so they acknowledged hi there matt admire the auto received shuffled or no longer it could truly be quite essential struggle ric flair all reliable i i put those boots on you already know i put that uh put that cramped one oil on and that i'd struggle but i'm no longer risking it for anything else lower than that you simply already know until i'm 100 correctly they are saying fighters heal sooner is.

The outmoded pronouncing correctly for particular you already know you already know we're no longer identical old folks i'm additionally you already know rehabbing admire a son of a every day possible over coaching but who's to recount what over coaching is you already know and that i ethical i ethical desire to earn relieve there correctly particularly in actuality what is the rehab for a torn bicep clearly they reattach it you've.

Got to disappear away it for moderately bit but what uh talk us thru the rehab process yeah so at the delivery it's very very aggravating due to it's it's ethical doing stretches getting that mobility relieve due to for a whereas you're ethical in this relaxed cast you're letting that that uh that tendon.

Uh then afterwards ethical attempting to earn that that mobility relieve that you simply can't even straighten your arm you're a brace that every every week or so you you free up moderately extra to earn some extra you already know uh some extra range of motion in there uh and then you surely already know i'm conserving five pound dumbbells and admire a hammer curl.

Functional uh ethical conserving them admire a hammer curl uh now i'm i'm relieve to within the gym uh no longer doing my plump routine but i'm relieve in there i'm no longer carrying the brace anymore so we're getting there i'm nearly ready but i'm no longer 100 but yeah uh i talked about to you ethical sooner than so i've received torn acl and the complete lot else that's going depraved.

With my uh and that i'm currently within the down within the dump stage particular how long did that capture for you to disappear i'm assuming you went thru the uh the assign became me stage uh i’d bid it became from the harm until i received the surgery reliable due to when you earn the surgery it's admire all reliable let's disappear let's disappear let's heal let's let's let's.

Let's rehab let's end this uh that week in between for sure uh having to relinquish or enchanting that i'd ought to relinquish all of my titles that i've composed over the past twelve months uh enchanting that i'm in uh.

The the tip of my occupation you already know most folks they disappear away wwe they delivery they earn on that that elevator going down i became going up possible you already know reinventing myself having relaxing creatively fulfilled making basically the most money ever uh i became ethical hitting it uh in each place it became ethical enormous it became a large time wrestling every weekend doing.

The podcast ethical winning titles being profitable making cities uh and for that every person to disappear away um over this unsafe employee blake christian it became moderately disappointing um and to know admire correctly it's extra of the uncertainty reliable correctly how long is this gonna capture you already know i.

Know the scientific doctors bid five to 6 months i know i desire to be relieve in three months but what is it you already know what's it if truth be told gonna be so um and then additionally admire end i wanna earn this surgery end i wanna can i struggle can i you already know strive against thru this you already know additionally there became a pay-per-ogle an nwa pay-per-ogle named after me i've received.

My earn goddamn pay-per-ogle and now i’m in a position to't struggle on it admire holy so there became pretty a few issues on my mind but uh i went to ample scientific doctors talked to ample scientific doctors all of them urged the surgery all of them acknowledged right here is easy strategies to disappear so i received it and then once i received the surgery no extra feeling atrocious for myself let's.

Proper recover yeah that's the sunshine at the tip of the tunnel second kind of factor yeah i'm hoping i'm hoping i’m in a position to uh end the identical factor uh what are your instant targets in case you earn relieve into the ring and by some means what is the final phrase achievable diagram you mediate to your occupation at this point that you simply're going to uh aim for.

Man that's a true are looking ahead to i don't if truth be told earn an acknowledge to that i know my first match relieve what i earn on my calendar is against tatanka the native american critical person uh at the wrestling showcase uh in chicago i'm very lively about that um but man ever since i received launched from wwe admire.

It took a whereas to to search out my groove due to within the pandemic and there became no indie shows and then you surely already know i did aw for a cup of coffee that impact became enormous but there's no folks there it took me a whereas it wasn't until uh myself with gcw the assign i love discovered myself and the complete lot roughly clicked.

Uh and then man since then which became ethical a pair of twelve months within the past the complete lot has been insane uh insane busy uh booked out even now admire i'm booked out thru the tip of the twelve months and it's it's july you already know what i'm pronouncing so admire uh what end i desire to realize yeah it'd be good to capture these titles.

Again you already comprehend it'd be good to earn all these titles relieve but you already know i don't earn an end diagram at this time i roughly desire to illustrate that um you don't basically want a indispensable firm admire wwe or aw those are both enormous companies reliable but i desire to illustrate that you simply don't earn to be there to be triumphant in success official wrestler.

Um that's roughly my diagram and by a hit official wrestler what's a hit reliable are you speaking wins and losses and titles are you speaking happiness are you speaking money correctly i desire to be triumphant in success at all that you simply already know what i'm pronouncing so uh this past.

twelve months i earn been i desire to continue that and fabricate it grow and especially with my critical wrestling for a podcast with brian myers that is rising so if both of those continue to grow at the identical time uh issues gonna be enormous yeah it appears to be like to me that you simply've executed the uh i suggest pretty a few folks that earn launched from wwe let's bid uh.

Bray wyatt ethical kind of disappears and then you surely've executed the drew mcintyre blueprint of doing it you've long gone no hold on i'm gonna demonstrate to you you earn been depraved and that i'm gonna demonstrate to you my price and you and you doubtlessly did that in a extraordinarily short time i gotta lower you off there i'm no longer attempting to illustrate somebody depraved i'm attempting to illustrate myself reliable i'm attempting to illustrate.

My fans reliable i don't give a about proving somebody depraved i don't earn a chip on my shoulder if that happens within the approach cool reliable if i demonstrate a pair haters depraved within the approach convert them to being fans pleased to earn you ever but it's no longer about you guys it's about me my fans the oldsters that earn supported me whether it.

Be from the threshold head days or the z ethical unique york story days otherwise you already know whether ethical podcast fans it's about proving those folks reliable proving myself reliable if whenever you don't imagine in me otherwise you below no circumstances did i don't give a no i to be reliable i i didn't suggest it that blueprint i believed that you simply earn been oh.

Obliging i believed you had expansive admire public uh you already know backing as correctly so you already know correctly belief me listen i i earn tons of tons of haters admire all of us end you earn in this industry that you simply need to thick skin reliable but uh yeah i i don't i'm no longer motivated by proving folks depraved i desire to illustrate folks reliable if that is safe.

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Matt Cardona on His Bicep Injury & When He Will Return to Wrestling

Matt Cardona on His Bicep Injury & When He Will Return to Wrestling