Matt Cardona On Dynamic With Brian Myers: Fans Understand Best Friends Fight, We’re Having The Time Of Our Lives

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Matt Cardona On Dynamic With Brian Myers: Fans Understand Best Friends Fight, We’re Having The Time Of Our Lives

Matt Cardona says fans can understand the dynamic of his relationship with friend and foe Brian Myers.

Matt Cardona recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. Cardona was asked about the dynamic of his feud with Brian Myers, which continues at Slammiversary with a mixed tag team match. Cardona said that fans are very aware that he and Brian still have their own brand outside of IMPACT, but can understand it on a simple level and get that even brothers and good friends fight from time to time.

“I think the wrestling fans in 2021, they’re a lot smarter. They can’t be fooled, they want the authenticity. They see us every week doing the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast and then they see us fighting on IMPACT, so there may be some confusion but the fact is this; once that red light goes on, Brian turns into a different guy,” Cardona said. “He turns into Bad Mood Brian and if you have a brother or a best friend, you know you fight.

“You can love each other but you also have that fight, and that’s what’s this is between Brian and I. We grew up breaking into the business together at 18-years old and we’ve been best friends ever since,” Cardona said. “And listen, there’s been a lot of fighting, things that people don’t know about, and obviously the stuff that you’ve seen on IMPACT on your TV screens. I didn’t come to IMPACT to fight him, I didn’t come to IMPACT to team with him and I’m hoping we can settle it at Slammiversary.”

In a recent interview with WrestleZone, EC3 talked about how he sees “The Narrative” as alternate content where it can exist without changing what else is happening on TV. Asked if he thought that people should view it the same way, where what happens on IMPACT doesn’t need to be reflected on the Major Pod Network (and vice-versa), Cardona says he can see the argument but it’s a great dynamic for the Major brand and they’re all having fun right now, even if you see them fighting on TV.

“I mean I can see that side of it, but if you’re a Major Wrestling Figure Podcast fan and you’re a fan of Brian or myself, you’re loving what’s going on in IMPACT because we’re making you choose. So, you get to choose which one you wanna root for, do you wanna root for Brian or do you wanna root for Matt? So, our fans are loving it. If there’s anyone out there that’s like ‘oh my God, they’re friends on the podcast but fighting on TV!’ they’re just not having fun,” Cardona noted, “because our fans are having the time of their lives and so are we.”

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