Matt Cardona Is Having The Most Fun He’s Ever Had As A Wrestler: ‘I’m Living My Dream’

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Matt Cardona Is Having The Most Fun He’s Ever Had As A Wrestler: ‘I’m Living My Dream’

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Matt Cardona recently described how he’s having the most fun he’s ever had as a wrestler with his current work on the independent scene.

Cardona has had a remarkable run with Game Changer Wrestling; he defeated GCW World Champion Nick Gage in a brutal deathmatch, and he later regained his Internet Championship after he shockingly lost it to Effy.

On Noveber 7, Cardona will compete against Ted Goodz at Beyond Wrestling’s “Reverse The Curse”, the latest stop on his tour of the independent wrestling world.

In an interview with WrestleZone, Cardona discussed this chapter of his career and said he’s living his dream. He described how having the GCW fans boo him so passionately, while he’s still a popular babyface with IMPACT, is part of the reason why he’s enjoying it so much.

“When I’m on the mic, and of course I have in my head what I’m kinda gonna say, right, but I had the people in the palm of my hand because they just made it so easy for me,” said Cardona. “You know, I’m smiling ear to ear because I’m like, it could not be more easy. Because they’re just chanting things at me, you know, booing, I’m like, this is great. This is wrestling, and it’s a side of me that people haven’t seen before, and a side of me that, I’m not necessarily a new gimmick in GCW. I’m me, but that audience doesn’t like me. So when you watch IMPACT, that audience likes me. Same guy. Maybe I’m not flipping off the fans, but other than that, in the ring, the appearance, it’s all the same. So I think it’s great that in 2021, I can go two different places and be loved and be booed. X

Cardona’s run with GCW has cemented his status as a major heel in front of the promotion’s fans, but he described how the dynamic of beeing booed in some places and cheered elsewhere is trickling into his work on the independent scene. He specifically noted how AIW fans were divided because his initial appearance there came shortly after he attacked Nick Gage at GCW Zombie Walk. With this uncertainty about the fans’ response in mind, Cardona stated that he’s happy either way.

“Either way, I win,” said Cardona. “Not only winning the match, but like the situation. Because of course it’s great to be loved, it’s great to be cheered. But I love getting booed. I love it.”

The Internet Champion also looked back on how he didn’t feel comfortable wrestling on the independent scene during the height of the pandemic, but hes’s happily venturing out now. He explained that he’s loving his time working all over the wrestling world, and he’s having a blast.

“I didn’t really do anything until this year where I was like okay, you know, the world’s kinda opening back up,” said Cardona. “I felt more safe, and I just went out there, and like my schedule is fully booked. I’m doing something every weekend and I love it. I love it, I love that I get to go out there. For instance, the other night, New York City, GCW. Then I drive to Pennsylvania, like Bumblef—, Pennsylvania, wrestle this kid who was once the Broski of the Week on my YouTube show. And then the next day, I do something for the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast. So I’m living my dream, and I’m having so much fun. This is the most fun I’ve had in my entire career.”

After his match against Ted Goodz, Cardona will compete on November 12 at GCW’s “Evil Deeds” event, where he’ll face Alex Shelley.

The full video is available here:

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