Matt Camp Reveals the Justification for His Departure from WWE

Matt Camp Reveals the Justification for His Departure from WWE
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Former WWE broadcaster Matt Camp revealed this week that his departure from the company was part of their budget-tightening efforts. This came after his tenure as host for programs like RAW Talk, Talking Smack, and The Bump, came to an end in February.

In a newly released video on his YouTube channel, “The Wrestling Matt,” Camp shed light on his departure’s circumstances. He maintained,

“I don’t work for WWE anymore; I haven’t since early February. I don’t think I’ve said this before, so I’ll say it now. Michael Cole informed me of this when it happened. However, he wasn’t the one who let me go; it was a representative from HR. I was told that my release had nothing to do with any of my actions but was, instead, part of their effort to cut costs, or however you wish to term it. I got in touch with Michael Cole to get more information, and he essentially said, ‘Oh, okay, I guess you heard, blah blah blah.’ There were more shifts in the team yet to come. Mackenzie, I believe, had been let go a little before me, and Kevin Patrick was set to leave not long after, something I was aware was planned.”

While McKenzie Mitchell parted ways with WWE later in 2023, Kevin Patrick left the following year in 2024, post being withdrawn from his position as SmackDown’s primary announcer.