Masked Republic Officially Launches ‘Lucha Central Podcast Network’, Includes Bilingual And Global Content

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Masked Republic Officially Launches ‘Lucha Central Podcast Network’, Includes Bilingual And Global Content

Multi-platform lucha libre focused entertainment company Masked Republic followed up on the company’s recent launch of their all-new website with the debut of the Lucha Central® Podcast Network across all major podcast platforms. With programming in both English and Spanish, the network features a wide variety of formats.

To best stay in the know, lucha fans now have multiple options including the daily Lucha Central Lighting Report which, in just a few minutes every weekday, will bring top highlights of the previous day and reminders for what not to miss in the next 24 hours. The series will begin Monday, May 25.

Long form Lucha Central Weekly shows in both English and Spanish which will give listeners a full recap of lucha libre happenings over the past week around the globe including news from Lucha Libre AAA, CMLL and top Mexico based independent wrestling promotions along with luchador related news from WWE, AEW, MLW, ROH, Impact Wrestling and beyond. Both versions of the Lucha Central Weekly podcast, English and Spanish, will be released on Friday mornings beginning May 15.

Additional weekly programming from the start will include English language variety show Straight Outta the Bodega hosted by Pro Wrestling Revolution star Papa Esco and promoter Gabriel Ramirez focusing on California independent wrestling, music and all things entertainment. In Spanish, La Mesa de los Márgaros brings together the most eclectic group of individuals on a sports podcast as a lucha libre host, photographer, dancer, doctor, referee and their special guests gather around a virtual table to discuss a variety of topics in their own irreverent signature style. Both Straight Outta the Bodega and La Mesa de los Márgaros will debut new episodes every Thursday beginning today, May 14.

A number of monthly programs with more specific focuses will be released in rotation on Mondays and Tuesdays on the network. Lucha Libre Figures & Facts takes a never-before-seen approach to both lucha libre history and a collectibles podcast. Each episode of the series centers around a previously released action figure of a luchador as the hosts take listeners back to the moment in time the collectible captures, share stories of their chase for the figure and examine the collectability and value of the figure today. Adding to the unique nature of the series is co-host Erik Araña of Boss Fight Studio whose time as a toy designer and executive provides an insight not found on any other wrestling collectible shows. Erik is joined by brothers Jefry and Scott Toon of the Fullyposeable Wrestling Figure Podcast and lucha libre historian Matt Farmer for a must-listen program for both lucha libre and action figure fanatics. The premiere episode is available now.

Even the most casual fan knows that lucha libre and lucha masks go hand-in-hand. Collecting masks is often a goal for many though questions about types, values and how to build an epic collection have never had a real resource – until now. After acquiring piece-by-piece one of the most prestigious collections of masks and wrestling outfits in the U.S., the brothers known as Dos Hermanos Lucha, are bringing their knowledge and expertise to the brand-new series The Mask Cast. Premiering Monday, May 18, the series takes a detailed look into their collection and those of others, exploring the luchadores behind each mask, how the mask was obtained, along with how valuable it may be, and answering listeners’ inquiries about their own collections. The series will also be full of tips and advice for even the most novice of collectors. Plus, the hosts will team with the new shop to help fans get their hands on official and authenticated masks.

Additional English and Spanish podcasts are set to debut in late-May and June.

Each network show can be found on its own show page within each podcast platform or, fans can find and subscribe to the Lucha Central Podcast Network show page itself and have every network show delivered to them in one collected feed.

Find the full network currently on Spotify, Spreaker, Pocket Casts and many more platforms and coming within the next week to iTunes, Google Play and iHeart Radio.

Supplemental content for each show along with video versions of Lucha Libre Figures & Facts and Las Mesa de los Mágaros will be available at

Masked Republic is one of the premier brands in the world of Lucha libre merchandising and they aim to make the Mexican wrestling culture more accessible to fans in the United States.

Co-founder Kevin Kleinrock has been part of the wrestling world for more than 20 years and alongside Ruben Zamora and their team, Masked Republic has brought the Lucha libre culture to the United States and made it more accessible than ever before. The company is headquartered in San Diego, CA but they also have offices in San Francisco, Mexico City, and London and with a hand in creating live events, merchandise and content distribution deals.

Kleinrock has said Masked Republic wants to bridge the gap with their brands, not only entering a market that’s lacking in products, but to help the wrestlers navigate the business world themselves. The company represents a number of Lucha libre’s top names like the Lucha Bros, Rey Mysterio and Tinieblas Jr, helping them create officially licensed products and navigate the business side of professional wrestling branding. In addition, MR has created their own intellectual property brands like The Luchaverse (comic books), Lucha Loot (merchandise crates), Lucha Central (Lucha Libre news) and Saints & Rudos Streetwear.

Not missing a beat, Masked Republic launched a number of new products in 2019 and previewed some more things to come like their new Legends of Lucha Libre action figure line from Boss Fight Studio. Three waves of the highly-detailed figures and accessories are already confirmed. Check out our full interview with Kleinrock at the link below.

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