Maryse On How Giving Birth Changed Her Body, Sleep Depravation & Mom Guilt

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Maryse On How Giving Birth Changed Her Body, Talks Sleep Depravation & Mom Guilt

Photo by: Tommy Garcia/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“Miz and Mrs.” is back and its two stars are doing interviews for the reality show. In an interview with People, Maryse Mizanin discussed giving birth to two babies, how it has changed her body, and the guilt she sometimes feels as a mother.

Check out highlights below:

How it changed her body:

I was just getting back to feeling like myself physically and looking like the way I used to. And then I got pregnant right away,” she adds. “It just takes time to get back to yourself. It takes nine months to make a baby, it takes nine months to [bounce back]. That’s true — sometimes longer. Everything inside of you needs to go back to normal and it doesn’t just happen overnight. You created a human being, you know? It takes time to get back there.

On the guilt she feels:

I’m with them all day, every day, but I sometimes feel like it’s never enough, The mom guilt is really something that not many moms talk about. You leave your house for an hour and you feel guilty about it. That’s something I wasn’t aware of before I was pregnant. I didn’t know women feel like this, and it’s crazy because a lot of my girlfriends tell me, ‘I feel the same way.’ I am basically taking care of my kids the best I can, love them as much as I can, give them everything and can [still] feel like that. It’s honestly very challenging.

On challenges sleeping:

During the day, [people] say, ‘Hey, you should sleep because the baby’s sleeping!’ Well, I have another one running around … and when that one’s asleep, the other one’s not asleep! Sleep deprivation is something very serious. I didn’t think it could kill you, but I think it can.

Check out the full interview for more and to hear The Miz’s thoughts.

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