Maryse On A Potential Return: ‘I Always Come Back,’ Miz Says She Makes Him Feel Untouchable In WWE

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Maryse On A Potential Return: ‘I Always Come Back,’ Miz Says She Makes Him Feel Untouchable In WWE


Photo by: Tommy Garcia/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The Miz and Maryse recently appeared on Notsam Wrestling with Sam Roberts and discussed Miz & Mrs, the A-Lister’s recent success in WWE and more. Here are some highlights:

On Mr. Miz getting the spotlight at WWE WrestleMania 35 and their family getting the spotlight:

Miz: “Now that that cameo has happened, my dad has turned that fifteen minutes of fame into like fifteen years. Every Monday night, he calls me and goes, ‘Mike, you know, you’re doing wrong.’ And I go, ‘Dad…I don’t need you to tell me.’ He goes, ‘Obviously, you do because I was in the ring for five minutes and I became a meme, and I went viral and everyone’s talking about me.’

Maryse: “That’s a little bit like my mom with Miz & Mrs. I don’t think they understand how hard it is to have a television show that’s on a network.”

Miz: “They just think things are given to them. We always get the negative, our parents get all the positive, and then they think they’re the biggest in the world. And whenever your parents think they’re the biggest stars in the world , it’s not a good situation for you.”

“They didn’t talk about my 20 foot fall off of a scaffolding, they talk about my dad putting up his stupid dukes, looking like an idiot.”

On what Maryse adds to his character:

Miz: “[Maryse’s return during his WWE Intercontinental Championship run] created something inside me. I don’t know what it is, it’s something about having your wife around the ring, it brings a whole new set of confidence. You know, you have this beautiful woman supporting you, and it gives you this level of confidence that you’re untouchable, that you can’t be scathed in WWE. And having her around definitely allowed me to feel that.”

Maryse on coming back to WWE:

Maryse: “The thing about me is, I’ll be, ‘Oh, I have kids, I have a family.’ But also when I start getting excited about something, then that becomes something that my brain gets busy with. And you know, my husband is Money in the Bank, WrestleMania might be in Los Angeles, you know, you start adding all these elements. I love WWE, I love everything about it, you know, it’s kind of been my family for so long also, I don’t think I’ll ever be not back. Somehow, in some capacity, I always come back.”

The full episode is available here.

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