Mark Henry Recalls His Phony Retirement

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Throughout a look on the Attitude Era Podcast, Mark Henry reflected on his phony retirement speech to entice out John Cena in 2013 throughout an episode of WWE Raw. After swerving Cena and the fans, he assaulted Cena prior to requiring a WWE Title match. Here are the highlights:

How it happened:

” You understand what male, throughout that time I was really– my agreement was ending, and I was considering taking a break. Therefore I went most likely about 6, 8 months essentially actually preparing myself for retirement. It was like 50-50 [ whether he ‘d retire or not] And after that Vince spoke with me and stated, ‘You understand what? I believe this would be a truly great time to actually pull the wool over individuals. Everyone believes you’re going to retire. You will not re-sign, like what’s the offer? Is it more cash, this or that?’ I stated, ‘No.’ It’s like, ‘It’s not the cash, I simply wish to go house.’ When you’re on the roadway for like 18 years, and I was missing out on things, seeing my kids maturing. And at that point I resembled, ‘Man, I’m done, I made adequate cash. Let me go and you understand, be the daddy that I constantly wished to be.’ And it wound up being Vince talked me into it, and all of that feeling and the truth of it held true. It’s simply that I wound up putting it into the program.”

The response to the sector:

” It wound up being among the very best minutes in professional wrestling history. I had individuals calling me, I didn’t even understand how they got my telephone number. Hulk Hogan called me. I resembled, ‘How in the hell did you get my number?’ And he resembled, ‘Look, you pulled the wool over my eyes. And it’s been a very long time because that occurred, you ought to be happy.’ And I was happy.”

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