Mark Henry: I Should’ve Beat John Cena After Fake Retirement & Had A 6-Month Feud

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Mark Henry: I Should’ve Beat John Cena After Fake Retirement & Had A 6-Month Feud

Mark Henry recently sat down with Heavy to take part in a wide-ranging interview. During the discussion, Henry spoke about his WWE Championship match against John Cena in 2013. During the talk, Henry said that if he could, he would redo it, as he believes he should have won the initial match and had a longer feud.

“The other one is after my retirement speech and I turned on John Cena which is one of the more historical wrestling moments in history,” he said (transcription courtesy of Post Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson when asked what match he pick to redo. “I was so beat up that I wanted to go home, that I didn’t really wanna wrestle no more. Like I was in so much pain, because like I said, it was real to me and I told people, ‘Lay it in, because I’m gonna hit you’ and I want you saying, ‘I beat you up and took advantage of you.’ Like I’m giving my body to you, let’s go, and the match I had was in Philadelphia [Money In The Bank 2013] with John Cena and I lost that match when I should’ve won that match. I should have told them, ‘Nah, I’m not gonna go home.’ Like, let’s run a six-month program and we could’ve had many matches, but you know, I was ready to go.”

Unfortunately for Henry, the superstar had already told WWE that he was finished with the in-ring portion of his career, which led to the decision to have him lose to Cena. It would’ve been interesting to see Henry defeat Cena and continue on in a brief feud with him, but fans will have to speculate just how that would have played out instead.

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