Mark Henry Explains How He’s Making A Difference In AEW, Previews His Commentary Role On AEW Rampage

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Mark Henry Explains How He’s Making A Difference In AEW, Previews His Commentary Role On AEW Rampage

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Mark Henry is already making a difference in All Elite Wrestling.

In a recent interview with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Henry explained how he can already see how his influence is paying off, particularly with big guys like Powerhouse Hobbs. He also described how he has been working with Max Caster and helping him grow.

“I feel I’ve had a really strong influence, especially with the big guys,” said Henry. “Working with Will Hobbs, for instance. He has all the tools. He just didn’t have the confidence and the direction of how a big guy works. That just takes time. Everyone expects AEW to become the No. 1 world power overnight. That’s not how it works. It’s fortunate Tony realizes that. He allows talent to develop at their own pace without that extra pressure.

“All the guys are able to develop at a pace where they’re going to succeed. Max Caster is another big guy. I have to tell Max, ‘Max, you’re 260 pounds. You’re a big guy. Don’t work smaller because the people you are working with are smaller.’ I called TMZ because we want to not only expand in the wrestling space but the entertainment space. Now Max is doing weekly rap videos for TMZ. So, we are expanding within entertainment media. I’m having an effect.”

In addition to his work behind the scenes, Henry will make an impact as a member of the broadcast team for AEW Rampage. In the interview, Henry stated that this show will be a little different because the commentators will be allowed to show lean into comedy a little more. He also noted that the show will have shake things up with wrestlers doing commentary, among other differences.

“I can tell you right now there is going to be a lot more humor in the commentating,” said Henry. “As far as the show, AEW speaks for itself as a brand. You know what you’re going to get with the excitement, the athleticism. We want to make sure it’s more deliberate and shocking to the system. I think that AEW has already done that. My job is not to change anything. I’m just knocking some of the dust off and making a prettier picture. The business has never been better here. Every day it surges forward.

“…Myself and Excalibur will really be at the forefront. It’s going to be a team effort. Everyone there, [Alex] Marvez, Jim Ross. We’re going to have talent sometimes come in and sit with us and do a three-person table or go to backstage interviews. It’s going to look SportsCenter-like.”

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